About Us

rony_5880-LRony Bennett, Owner and founder of Rony’s Tours, born and raised in Roatan, Honduras. Being a native of Roatan places his tour experience above the tour offered by the Cruise Ships and other tour operators… He knows more about Roatan and is anxious to share it with visitors.

Rony started to work at a young age with tourists, from the age of 8 years old. Rony would dedicate his time in his hometown (Coxen Hole), he would take the tourists to places they wouldn’t know about in the town of Coxen Hole, he was the guide in charge, and was happy with his first job.

Ever since then, he knew that his future would be in the tourism world…


Rony speaks: English, Spanish fluently.

Rony also speak Chinese- ha ha- just kidding

Work Experience:

1989 – 1994 – Tour Guide in the town of Coxen Hole
1994 – 1995 – Dive shop cleaner
1995 – 1996 – Snorkeling guide
1996 – 2000 – Roatan cruise ships excursion tour guide
2000 – 2004 – Restaurant supervisor and waiter
2004 – 2007 – Celebrity Cruises on the G.T.S Summit and Infinity

soccorRony’s Family:

Mother- Teodoara
Father – Cameron
Rony has four brothers and two sisters.
Suzet- but we call her Dorarita as nick name

Rony has one son his name is Cameron named after His grandfather, and a daughter named Roslie. That’s about it…

More About Us…

Throughout your tour, Rony’s tour guides will offer insight on growing up on the Island. They will be able to answer almost any question about Roatan life, or the history of the Island. Rony’s tour guides know the best locations for seafood!

Rony and his tour guides, speak fluent English, and your quide will always be there if you need a translator for a local merchant. You will be surprised how fast our guides become part of the family with their easy-going nature will make your guide a fast friend. Rony offers tours that leave his customers anxious to return. He hopes that each person that shares Roatan will feel the same appreciation and respect  that Rony and his guides have for their country.

A warm hug, or friendly hand shake at the conclusion of the day. Lets Rony know that he, has successfully done his job.