Safety, Excitement, Fun.

Across the valley, above the trees and mountain top to mountain top, the longest zip Lines in all the Americas!!!

Number of zip-line: 8

Climbing wall: 0

Suspension bridges: 0

Length of zip-lines tour: 1.8 miles

Higest zip-line: 328’ feet

Longest zip-line distance: 1,836’ feet (longest in the Americas)

Approximate zip-line tour: 45 minute

Cable details: dual cable / dual pulley

Pull brakes/ gloves required: NO

You must be able to fit in the harness.

There are no scales to weigh you, but its more or less based on how your weight is carried. For example, an athletic 245 pound person will probaly enjoy and be more comfortable in the zipline than a person with a sedentary lifestyle. But if you can fit into the harness, the zipline companies will allow you to Zip!

Ziplining can be exhausting and will involve repetitive lifting of your legs whe approaching platforms, ankle and wrist pressures when landing and taking off from platforms as well as some jumping and other body stresses as you zip through the lines. Persons who are pregnant or have a history of ankle sprains, neck, back, joint or heart problems or other serious illness are advised not to participate. 

Participants must be physically able to hike one half mile through uneven and and downhill terrain. 

Ankle and wrist injures are common so pleased be advised.

Going on a Zipline is very mch fun, but can be a physically demanding trip!

Wear: Closed, flat shoes that have a good grip and won’t fall off. Comfortable clothing, such as shorts or jeans.

Insect repellant and sunscreen.

Make sure your camera or video has a strong strap on it.

Be aware that hats,sunglasses,wallets and other objects can fall into the jungle below!