We will do everything we can to make your visit to Roatan perfect…

We first meet You at the meeting point. We then introduce you to your English speaking guide.

Your driver would then drive you through Coxen Hole,, The Capital of Roatan,  Rony village / home town (El Suampo), and other villages, In order for you to see the way people of Roatan live, and for you to do some shopping if you wish to stop. If you do, Your guide would walk around with you to different gift shop like: Yaba Ding Ding, New Souvenir, Halukaliki etc.

At these gift shops, you can find:
– Lenca Pottery
– Fine cigars
– Garifuna folk Art
– Original Art work
– Silver jewelry
– Talavera pottery
– Honduras wood carvings
– Hand made candles
– Snazzy silk painting
– Pewter
– Coffees
– Hand made baskets
– Tropical clothing
– Yaba Ding Dings
– Original T- shirts & tie dyes
– Panamanian Molas & much more…

We then head to the East side of the Island. Along the way, we will inform you about our Island’s History and culture. You will see the two Shipwrecks at Dixon Cove, local fishing boats at French Harbour.

If you like to pet Iguanas… Visit our Iguanas preservation farm which is home to over 2,500 Iguanas, at the farm they also have birds, monkeys in cages ( you can’t pet them), tarpons fish, lobsters, conch and turtles etc. Entrance fee to the farm is only  US$ 10 per person

in addition to your Rony’s private (freestyle) tour rate. Also, on this same side of the Island, we have Piarates of the Caribbean zip-line, Daniel’s monkeys and sloths park, Frenck Key, Parrot Tree. Your guide will point out to you where you would pay the entrance fee.

Entrance fees are in addition to your Rony’s private (freestyle) tour fee, and will be paid directly to these businesses, who are solely responsible for their optional activities shown on the Excursions/Rates page.

We then head to the North West  of the Island. We will stop at Rony secret spot called Mayan hill, for a photo with the Ship back ground, that’s where Rony had his first kiss, ( ha. ha .ha). The view is spectacular, remember, Rony kiss is suppose to be a secret!! so, please don’t tell any one.

Also remember, when you reach Mayan Hill, ask your guide to point out George’s from Chicago vacation home, and tell you the story of “Speedy”, George’s pet iguana.

From Mayan hill, if you wish, you can visit the orphanage, Blue Harbor Tropical Arboretum, museum, Botanical gardens, monkey stop, zip-lining, butterfly gardens ect. If not, We then head to Pirates Hill for photos, where the Views are Breathtaking. We then go to the beach if you wish to do so, where you can spend the rest of your day snorkeling over the World’s second largest Barrier reef next to Australia, or just relaxing on the beach. After the beach, 2 hours before your ship is ready to sail. we would head to the South side of the Island, which would take you back to your Ship, if you wish to stop at the Cameo Factory, please let your driver know in advance.

The owner of Rony’s Tours, Rony, offers tours that leave his customers anxious to return to Roatan. He hopes that each person that he shares Roatan with will feel the same appreciation that Rony and his staff have for you.

A warm hug or friendly handshake at the conclusion of your tour, let Rony know that he, again, has successfully done his job.