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    Charlie's Private Tour Excursion Base Fee

    Free Entrance to Manawakie Animal Sanctuary - Sloth, monkeys, Birds,
    Nature/ Culture And more!
    Optional Attractions / Activities Add - Ons, West Bay Beach by land
    Or Sea Weather permit.

    Solo Traveler $ 96.00

    2 (Two) People $ 61.00 Each

    3 (Three) People $ 51.00 Each

    4 (Four) People Or More $ 46.00 Each

    Child Under Five Years Old, Free! Take notes

    Take notes .. Some attractions and activities, prices are not included in the cost of the private tour fee ...

    Please see below for more information

    We're Interested In The Following...

    Charlie's Private Tour / Manawakie Animal Sanctuary (guided) / Sloths, Monkeys, Birds, Nature / And More!! West Bay Beach by Land or Sea Weather Permit, (Free Boat Ride).

    We're Interested In Adding the following activity/attraction below,
    which is not included in this excursion...

    1 Hour Sightseeing Tour (No added fee.)Photo OpportunitiesPhotoshoot at Rony EX - Secret Spot Called (Mayan Hill) With Ship Background - No added fee.Shop Local HandicraftsShopping at the Grocery StoreChocolate Factory ( Free Samples)Shop at Local Fruit and Vegetable MarketRusty Fish Craft Market

    Roatan Museum at Anthony's Key Resort - Add $2.00 P/PCarambola Botanical Gardens - Add $15.00 P/PDolphin Encounter - Add $65.00 P/PDolphin Swim and Snorkel - Add $100.00 P/PDolphin Action Swim - Add $139.00 P/PCastle of CameosHorseback Riding - Add $45.00 P/PRoatan Glass Bottom Boat - Add $40 Adults(Kids ages 5 and up $40)

    Choose ATV Option

    Mayan Jungle ATV Tours - Add $65.00 Adults / Child(Child 5-9 add $35.00)Mayan Jungle ATV, Plus Mayan Jungle Animal Sanctuary - Add $75.00 Adults / Child(Child 5-9 add $45.00)Mayan Jungle ATV, Plus Zipline Canopy, Plus Mayan Jungle Animal Sanctuary - Add $110.00 Adults / Child(Child 5-9 add $80.00)

    Choose Zipline Canopy Option

    Mayan Jungle Canopy Zip Lines - Add $45.00 P/P( add $ 25.00 Child 3 Years And Below)Jungle Top Zipline Canopy Tour( Guided) - Add $45.00 P/P

    If Ziplining How Many Will Zip?

    Choose Place For Lunch In Coxen Hole Area. Capital City Of Roatan

    Lunch at the Town of Coxen Hole (No Ocean View)Lunch at Port View Restaurant (View with Ocean And cruise ship background)Lunch at Randy's Restaurant (No Ocean View)

    Choose Restaurant / Bar / Option in Sandy Bay

    Blue Bahia RestaurantGuava Grill Restaurant and Pool Bar

    Choose Restaurant / Bar / Option in West End,Half Moon Bay Beach

    West End, Half Moon Bay BeachGingers Beachfront Bar and Restaurant (Ocean View)Creoles Rottisserie ChickenBuccaneer Bar / Restaurant / Beach Day Pass - Add $10.00 P/PHarry's Hideaway Restaurant - Ocean ViewCannibal Cafe RestaurantBeacher's Restaurant - Ocean ViewSundwners Beach Bar & Restaurant

    Choose West Bay Beach Access / Resort Day Pass / Place For Lunch

    West Bay Beach Free AccessFoster's Resort Beach Day Pass - add $ 15.00 per personBananarama Resort Beach Day Pass - add $15.00 per personHenry Morgan Resort Beach Day Pass - add $ 20.00 per personParadise Resort Beach Day Pass add $30.00 per personInfinity Bay Resort Beach Day Pass add $40.00 per personGrand Roatan Resort For LunchIbagari Restaurant For LunchXbalanque Restaurant For LunchLas Rocas Restaurant For LunchAnnies's Boardwalk Cafe Restaurant For LunchBeacher's Bar & Grill Beach Day Pass add $ 15.00 per personArgentinian Bar and Grill Beach Day Pass add $ 15.00 per personLa Placita For Lunch, Snacks, ShoppingCeleste's Island Cuisine For Lunch

    Choose West Bay Beach Water Activities

    Flyboard- add $ 75.00 p/pBanana Boat - add $ 25.00 p/pParasailing - add $ 75.00 p/pJet Skis add $120.00 p/p 1 Hour $85.00 30 MinWest Bay Off Shore Snorkeling - add $40.00 Adult (Child 5 -11 add $30.00Off Shore Snorkeling (Combo) By Boat - add $ 75.00 Adult(Child 5 -11 add $55.00Cayos Cochinos - add $ 210.00 p/pPigeon Cay - add $ 210.00 p/pSnuba - add $ 95.00 p/pNight Snorkeling - add $ 55.00 p/pPalmetto Bay Trip - add $ 150.00 p/pSunset Catamaran - add $85.00 p/p

    If Choose West Bay Beach, Do You Want To Go By :

    More Interest, Special Needs, Additional Comments

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