Free Entrance to Manawakie Animal Sanctuary - Sloth, Monkeys, Birds, Nature/ Culture And more!
Optional Attractions / Activities Add - Ons, West Bay Beach by land Or Sea Weather Permit.


Solo Traveler $96.00
2 (Two) People $ 61.00 Each
3 (Three) People $ 51.00 Each
4 (Four) People Or More $ 46.00 Each
Child Under Five Years Old, Free!
Take notes .. Some attractions and activities, prices are not included in the cost of the private tour fee ...
Please see below for more information.

– Payment Options:
PayPal Deposit ... Plus Remaining Balance US$ Dollars Cash To The Driver. If you can't make a PayPal deposit, please pay all fee US$ Dollars Cash To The Driver.
Please bring US$ Dollars cash in good condition, as for not, our bank will not take them if the money is torn, old or marked . Thanks!
On some occasions you can pay a part of the amount of money with a credit or debit card, but using a card you pay extra taxes.

- R / T Transport ( Air - Conditioned)
- Private Car / Guide
- ( Free Entrance to Manawakie Animal Sanctuary - Sloth, monkeys, Birds, Nature / Culture And more! )
- Sightseeing Tour
(if not interested in this option, or any other option that are included in this excursion, please do Not check when booking ..
and these options will be Removed from your private tour day). And then we will continue to the attractions / activities of your choice)
- Photo Opportunities
- West Bay Beach By Land Or Sea ''Weather Permit''
- Optional Attractions / Activities Add - Ons
- Your Choice To Choose / Add / Your Own / Attractions / Activities / During Your Day With Us!!''fees Varies'' ( Self Paced)
- If You And Your Group Decide To Visit West Bay Beach, You Have The Option Of Going By Land In The Same Private Car
... Or By Sea With Tour Of Ocean Surroundings.
7 - 10 Minutes Boat Ride ''Weather Pending''. The Boat Trip Is Completely Free!!
- Also, the boat ride is Not Private -- You will be Travelling With Others On The Boat)
- Self Paced: ( '' Free beach access To West Bay Beach '' ) restaurants/ bars, water sports, etc. Available . Fees Vary
Optional Fees: Beach Resort Day-Passes (which include beach loungers, restroom & fresh water shower access), Beach Chair Rental, Water-sport Equipment Rental, etc. -- Fees Vary.
Or, if You Consume Food Drinks At One Of The West Bay Beach Resort Restaurants, You Can Have Access To Their Restroom And Changing Room Facilities (But No Beach Chair).
If Not, Just Bring Your Towel And Lay On The Beach And Relax!
- Based On Ship's Time - In - Port ( Up To You / Start / End Tour Day When You Want! )
-Take notes:
- 100% customization for you / your group / add - ons activities / attractions / available - ''fees Varies'' ( Self Paced)
- You Can Begin The Day With Us Whenever You Like!
The Earlier The Better To Beat Crowds And Get On-Your-Way Before The GROUP Tours Begin.
We're At The Dock When Your Ship Arrives, So We'll Definitely Be Ready-To-Go As Early (Or As Late) As You Like!

- Sun Repellent
- Insect Repellent
- Water
- ( Towels if going to the beach )


Free Entrance to Manawakie Animal Sanctuary - Sloth, monkeys, Birds, Nature/ Culture And more!
Manawakie Eco Nature Park is located on the north side of Roatan,Honduras, in the midst of the jungle in the community of Man O War Harbor: known as Hottest Sparrow.
This is a tour for all cruise ship and hotel guests, to enjoy if you are a history & animal person, you will have the chance to discover the old history landmark and culture of the islanders by visiting our Eco Park, you will enjoy a brief history lesson of Roatan, Bay Islands in the wild cane shack, (MENP) Manawakie Eco Nature Park is not just a typical animal park, apart from interacting with white faced Capuchin monkeys, sloth’s and other exotic animals, you will learn about the island's first inhabitants' culture life today.
Throughout the journey to the Eco Park you will be able to enjoy several sightseeing of Roatan,Honduras, noticing the lush forest and hill sight of Roatan Bay Island.
Manawakie Eco Nature Park is a guided tour of all ages with young knowledgeable Islanders tour guides staff.
Manawakie Eco Nature Park is a dream destination where you and your families can enjoy a great educational history, Island Culture and Animal Interaction.
Being the first authentic culture park demonstrating you our first inhabitants' houses and Islanders homes trying to keep up our culture, agriculture and island traditions and protecting the wildlife.
At Manawakie Eco Nature Park you will be able to interact with Roatan Honduras wildlife such as Sloths, Birds, White Faced Capuchin Monkeys, White Tail Deer’s, The Paca and Agouti (Roatan Island Rabbit), Hummingbird playground, etc.
Here at the Park you will walk through a Tropical Botanical Medicinal Garden with your guide demonstrating our natural medicinal herbs, as you arrive to our island you will notice that it is very lush which 25% if used as medicine.
WILDCANE MUSEUM HOUSE: in the year of 1930 the islanders' homes were made of wild cane sticks or bamboo, and thatch leaf for roof.
Entering THE MUSEUM HOUSE you will see statues representing some of ROATAN,HONDURAS LEGENDS, mud stoves and different artifacts. In the 14th century our first inhabitants homes was made of mud, which is THE PAYAN Indians descendants to THE MAYAN known as PECH
Please don’t forget to bring some extra change to try some delicious snacks at the snack shack (Homemade smoothies, milkshakes, natural juice made with fresh fruits, coconut bread, bush cakes, etc.).


1 Hour Sightseeing Tour (No added fee.)

(if not interested in this option, or any other option that are included in this excursion
, please do Not check when booking .. and these options will be Removed from your private tour day).
And then we will continue to the attractions / activities of your choice) Self Paced: Culture information,
island history, scenic overlooks, jungle drive, views of your ship, etc. No added fee.

Photo Opportunities

No added fee.

Photoshoot at Rony EX - Secret Spot Called ''Mayan Hill'' With Ship Background

No added fee.

Shop Local Handicrafts

( Located in Coxen Hole, Sandy Bay, West End)
Shop Like A local
''price varies''
( Self Paced / No additional transportation fee )

Shopping at the Grocery Store

( Located in Coxen Hole, Sandy Bay And West End)
Shop like a local
''price varies''
( Self Paced / No additional transportation fee )

Chocolate Factory ( Free Samples)

( Located In Gibson Bight)
''price varies''
( Self Paced / No additional transportation fee )

Shop at Local Fruit and Vegetable Market

( Located in Coxen Hole, Sandy Bay And West End)
Shop like a local
''price varies''
( Self Paced / No additional transportation fee )

Rusty Fish Craft Market

( Recycled Island Artwork)
( Located In Gibson Bight)
Locally handmade arts and crafts
Recycled crafts that you won’t see anywhere else in the world!, local jade stone carving, Larimar and Honduras black opal jewelry, Oil drum fish, unique Christmas decorations, Sea glass, handmade magnets and so much more
“We have nothing from China”
Come and check us out
and find a locally handmade gift
Made on Roatan
We are, Made on Roatan / Arts and crafts
Rusty Fish takes metal, glass, and wood trash, from the garbage dump and turns it into unique artwork. Everything is handmade on the island.
Rusty Fish helps support many local families on Roatan by selling local arts and crafts. Art designer and founded by Adam Hunt
Adam, an Englishman, first came to Roatan in 2002, he married a Honduran lady and has 2 daughters. Together they run and operate Rusty Fish and call Roatan their home.
Adams’ grandma ‘Joan Ridley’ was a famous artist and his mother a crafter and school art teacher. Adam grew up with arts and crafts and at university he studied Recycling and Environmental Health. Adam designs the artwork, then teaches and engages local families to make unique arts and crafts.
Find handcrafted gifts that are ‘Not imported’
and Support local families on Roatan in the process.

''price varies''
( Self Paced / No additional transportation fee)

Roatan Museum at Anthony's Key Resort

( Located In Sandy Bay)
Learn more about Roatan History and Culture
( Self Paced / No additional transportation fee )
add $ 2.00 p/p

Carambola Botanical Gardens

( Located In Sandy Bay)
Description: Begun in 1985, The gardens showcase a wide variety of exotic plants. Situated along the banks of ” Mohogany”,
Bridges connect walkways that lead the visitor through areas of flowering plants. Ferns, Spices, Fruit trees such as cashew and Carambola,
Hard woods including the world famous Honduran Mahogany. And Roatan’s most extensive orchids collection.
( Self Paced / No additional transportation fee )
add $15 p/p

Dolphin Encounter

( Located In Sandy Bay)
( Duration : 30 Minutes)
( No additional transportation fee )
The Dolphin Encounter takes place at Bailey’s Key, the smaller key that makes up Anthony’s Key Resort and is the private home to a large family of Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. You will start your adventure at a beachfront cabana, where you’ll receive a brief orientation. After, a trained naturalist will meet you at the beach and introduce you personally to the resident dolphins. You’ll learn about the behaviors, anatomy, and characteristics of these dolphins before you’re allowed to interact with them one-on-one. This 30-minute encounter includes plenty of photo opportunities, both with your camera as well as with our onsite photographers.
Children ages 3-13 must be accompanied by a paying adult or guardian while in the water.
Children under three years of age are free of charge and may participate while being held by a paying adult.
Add $65.00 p/p

Dolphin Swim & Snorkel

( Located In Sandy Bay)
( Duration: 1 Hour)
( No additional transportation fee )
The Dolphin Swim and Snorkel immediately follows the Dolphin Encounter. Here, you’ll be able to swim and snorkel with our resident pod on their terms. You’ll truly become part of the pod and have an adventure that you’ll remember for years to come. Watch as mothers and calves swim side-by-side and interact with a series of whistles and clicks. There’s nothing quite like it in the world!
Participants must be 8 years of age or older and be accompanied by a parent or guardian while snorkeling to participate.
Participants should be familiar with the use of masks, fins, and snorkels. Must have prior snorkeling experience.
The total time spent with the dolphins is one hour.
Pregnant women are not allowed.
Personal cameras are permitted during encounter sessions only. Cameras or videos are not allowed in the water during the snorkel session. Professional photos are available after the swim.
Add $100.00 p/p

Dolphin Action Swim

This 45-minute activity begins with a brief introduction to two of the dolphins. After, you’ll enter the water for a playful swim as well as to experience the thrilling “Foot Push.” This is when the dolphins push you by the feet above and around the water’s surface. This is the best way to fully experience the strength and speed of the dolphins. Then, you’ll go for a gentle ride around the lagoon while holding on to the dorsal fin. This famous “Dorsal Ride” is iconic among our guests and is not to be missed!
. Participants must be 5 years or older to participate.
. Ages 5-13 must be accompanied by an adult.
. Participants must be able to swim.
. Pregnant women are not allowed.
. Participants wear a lifejacket and fins while in the water.
. Personal cameras are permitted during platform sessions only.
. Professional photos are available after the swim.
Add $ 139.00 pp

Castle of Cameos

( Located In Gravel Bay)
The art of Cameo carving originated in Ancient Greece and Rome, and is now taught in Roatan.
Cameo’s are created by hand carving individual pieces of double layered sea shell with a steel burin. Each precious Cameo is a unique hand made object, a jewel of the sea, An ideal gift of lasting beauty, and an investment, not a fleeting fad.
''price varies''
( Self Paced / No additional transportation fee )

Horseback Riding

( Located In Pensacola And West End)
We will provide round trip transportation from either of the two ship terminals on the island or pick up from any of the Hotels, resorts, cabins or private homes on the Island.
Our ride consists of getting you to our Ranch saddle up and away we go, up the hill top for spectacular views and great picture stops as you ride these well trained Horses, as friendly as they can be.
Pass by the communities, explore our jungle, see local fruit trees and animals, and then ride through the Ocean, refresh yourself and enjoy our clear cristal ocean waters.
Located right at the water’s edge, where the street is lined with all sorts of flowering shrubs – hibiscus, mandeville, bougainvillea, oleander… Then it is on to a long stretch of secluded beach, with a myriad of fruit trees on one hand and the crystal ocean on the other. The tour concludes with a stroll through the lush vegetation of the hills, where you will see lizards, birds, and orchids. The tour lasts between 1 - Hour - 1 Hour 30 Minutes, depending on your pace. ( No additional transportation fee ) add $45.00 per person.