OK, now You have the lowdown on what your day will be filled with, sounds exciting and wonderful, right? Let us take you through a more scenic route so you know exactly what you’ll be headed for, Roatan Style!

On our way from the cruise ship dock, in our party bus, You will enjoy seeing the back roads, filled with the beauty of Roatan’s more typical style homes and luscious tropical plants and trees. Be sure to keep a look out for our exotic wildlife! As we arrive at the Cannibal Cafe, Located in Roatan’s most Westerly End of the Island, you will be offered our finest Honduran Coffee and juices, and You will have time to meet our parrot, named Taco !!! You’ll love this part of your day! We then head out to Half Moon Bay to begin our kayak excursion; You’ll be amazed as you look around at the charming beauty and local flavor that West End has to offer all of its guests!

Don’t worry, be happy, both Kevin and Rony and others, are experienced in Kayaking and snorkeling, and will take pride in showing you all the basic techniques You’ll need to know for safe Kayaking and snorkeling. While You’re gliding through our clean and smooth water, look down, You won’t believe what You will see, maybe a green Moray Eel or endangered Sea Turtle, our Coral Reef is bright and full of life!

Upon our arrival back from kayaking, we will take a small break to take in the beauty of the Island and its incredible fauna and flora. Hungry? We have just the place, as we head back to the famous Cannibal Cafe for ALL YOU CAN EAT. ( Fresh fruits and Chicken Quesadillas), where all of our Cannibals will help you, Mighty Mo and the whole crew. , and more!!! Be careful, Taco may want a bite, too!

We will help you with all of your snorkeling equipment to find just the right fit. We will then snorkel on one of the World’s most vibrant and healthy coral reefs. And again, We will be happy to show you some of the best tips on snorkeling. Have You ever seen a Spotted Drum or an Eagle Ray? You will here, our reefs are flowing with many types of warm- watered Caribbean fish. We have an abundance of Angel Fish, Parrot Fish, Groupers, Lobsters, Crabs, Octopus and coral that will keep You in “‘awe” until you sail up to Your next port. It is a memory that will stay with You for a lifetime, guaranteed!