What's Included :
- Private Car
- Optional Attractions / Activities Add - Ons
- Photo Opportunities
- Sightseeing Tour
(if not interested in this option, or any other option that are included in this excursion, please do Not check when booking .. and these options will be Removed from your private tour day). And then we will continue to the attractions / activities of your choice)
FLIGHT OF 4: 4 X 5oz alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages of your choice. We offer 12 different beverages on tap each day, all made in house.
Menu rotates weekly and may include:
Lagers – Czech Pilsner, Latin Lager, Oktoberfest Marzen Lager
Ales – Sunny Haze (a wheaty blonde ale), Sunset Amber, Hefeweizen, Pineapple Hefeweizen, Citrus IPA, Juicy IPA, Brown Ale, Irish Stout, Vanilla Coffee Nitro Porter, Passion in Paradise (passion fruit infused pale ale), Hibiscus Red Ale (made with real flor de Jamaica)
Hard Seltzers – fermented club soda made only with real fresh fruits. EX: Mandarin Passionfruit, Hog Plum, Hibiscus Lemon, Mojito, Strawberry Limeade

Hard Cider – hard apple cider made with apples from the Pacific Northwest
Non-alcoholic beverages – Soursop Soda (an all-natural soda made with the leaf of the soursop tree, cinnamon, mint, honey, and other natural ingredients);
Kombucha (a fermented, probiotic tea flavored with fresh fruit)
· BRATWURST PLATTER: a sample platter of 3 different kinds of German sausages (red wurst, Weisswurst, and knockwurst) produced on the mainland of Honduras.
Served with pretzel bites, homemade sauerkraut, and spicy German mustard.
Solo Traveler $100.00
2 (Two) People $ 65.00 Each
3 (Three) People $ 55.00 Each
4 (Four) People Or More $ 50.00 Each
- Based On Ship's Time - In - Port ( Up To You / Start / End Tour Day When You Want! )

-Take notes:
( Towels are Not included .. Please bring your own)
- 100% customization for you / your group / add - ons activities / attractions / available - ''fees Varies'' ( Self Paced)
- You Can Begin The Day With Us Whenever You Like!
The Earlier The Better To Beat Crowds And Get On-Your-Way Before The GROUP Tours Begin.
We're At The Dock When Your Ship Arrives, So We'll Definitely Be Ready-To-Go As Early (Or As Late) As You Like!

- Insect Repellent
- Water




Las Palmas Beach Day Pass:

Good Swimming and snorkeling Available from beach Self Paced.
- Resort fee Day-pass which includes a FREE beach chair, FREE Wifi, Clean bathrooms, - Fresh Water Shower.
- Bar & Restaurant available .
We offer great local seafood Appies and we have drink specials every day. We are open 9am-9pm 7 days a week.
Food, Drinks, Water Equipment rental ''price varies''
- Snorkeling, SUP and Kayak rentals available.
- The Beach is the 2nd largest beach on the island. The Restaurant holds over 100 people.
- White soft sandy beach and clear water with NO drop off, and NO muddy sandy bottom.
Add $ 15.00 P/P Child below 5 Are Free!

Shopping at the Grocery Store

Shop like a local
''price varies''
( Self Paced / No additional transportation fee )

Shop Local Handicrafts

( Located in Coxen Hole, Sandy Bay, West End)
Shop Like A local
''price varies''
( Self Paced / No additional transportation fee )

Chocolate Factory ( Free Samples)

( Located In Gibson Bight)
''price varies''
( Self Paced / No additional transportation fee )

East End Horseback Riding:

Horseback Riding is one of the best activities to enjoy in Roatan Island, you will have a great experience , with a heavenly route where you come in contact with nature, sighting different species of native and migratory birds, and also exotic animals of the island.
An interesting dialogue with your guide, which will take you between paths and enjoy the scenic amazing views of the East side of Roatan.
Riding quickly to feel the adrenaline and strength of your horse, believe us you'll have a lot of fun and more fun, after the horseback riding you will relax at our private center with access to restaurant, palapa, beach, restrooms and beach facilities, we also have jet-skies for additional rates.
The ocean view at this location of the island is just super, you will feel free at this place enjoying the tropical sun and Caribbean breeze each minute here.
Add $ 45.00 P/ P

Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hang Out

Daniel Johnson’s Monkey & Sloth Hangout is a quaint animal park sanctuary in French Cay, Roatan.– Animal preserve with Jump-0n-your-shoulders monkeys!!
This island attraction is a must for exotic animal lovers wishing to interact with Roatan sloths, Capuchin Monkeys, Scarlet Macaws, and parrots!
Other animals include the indigenous Agouti or Guatusa, also known as the Roatan Island rabbit and Spider Monkeys. A South American raccoon is sure to please, an exotic animal only seen in this part of the world.
For your leisure, the animal park provides lounging chairs during your visit at no extra cost.
Relax and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Caribbean. Mangroves surround the perimeter of Daniel Johnson’s Monkey & Sloth Hangout, where you can find more of nature’s wildlife. The islands seen across the channel are Little French Key and Big French Key, private island day resort destinations for cruise ship passengers and resort guests.
Special Notes: Please protect Your money, sunglasses, and other personal items while visiting the monkeys. ( No additional transportation fee )
Add $ 12.00 P/ P


ADD $ 16.00 P/P
Manawakie Eco Nature Park is located on the north side of Roatan,Honduras, in the midst of the jungle in the community of Man O War Harbor: known as Hottest Sparrow.
This is a tour for all cruise ship and hotel guests, to enjoy if you are a history & animal person, you will have the chance to discover the old history landmark and culture of the islanders by visiting our Eco Park, you will enjoy a brief history lesson of Roatan, Bay Islands in the wild cane shack, (MENP) Manawakie Eco Nature Park is not just a typical animal park, apart from interacting with white faced Capuchin monkeys, sloth’s and other exotic animals, you will learn about the island's first inhabitants' culture life today.
Throughout the journey to the Eco Park you will be able to enjoy several sightseeing of Roatan,Honduras, noticing the lush forest and hill sight of Roatan Bay Island.
Manawakie Eco Nature Park is a guided tour of all ages with young knowledgeable Islanders tour guides staff.
Manawakie Eco Nature Park is a dream destination where you and your families can enjoy a great educational history, Island Culture and Animal Interaction.
Being the first authentic culture park demonstrating you our first inhabitants' houses and Islanders homes trying to keep up our culture, agriculture and island traditions and protecting the wildlife.
At Manawakie Eco Nature Park you will be able to interact with Roatan Honduras wildlife such as Sloths, Birds, White Faced Capuchin Monkeys, White Tail Deer’s, The Paca and Agouti (Roatan Island Rabbit), Hummingbird playground, etc.
Here at the Park you will walk through a Tropical Botanical Medicinal Garden with your guide demonstrating our natural medicinal herbs, as you arrive to our island you will notice that it is very lush which 25% if used as medicine.
WILDCANE MUSEUM HOUSE: in the year of 1930 the islanders' homes were made of wild cane sticks or bamboo, and thatch leaf for roof.
Entering THE MUSEUM HOUSE you will see statues representing some of ROATAN,HONDURAS LEGENDS, mud stoves and different artifacts. In the 14th century our first inhabitants homes was made of mud, which is THE PAYAN Indians descendants to THE MAYAN known as PECH
Please don’t forget to bring some extra change to try some delicious snacks at the snack shack (Homemade smoothies, milkshakes, natural juice made with fresh fruits, coconut bread, bush cakes, etc.).
ADD $ 16.00 P / P

Arch Iguana Farm

ADD $12.00 P/P
Description: Home to 2,000 Iguanas, birds, monkeys, tarpon fish, lobsters (live), conch, turtles and much more…
It’s a tremendous experience. It's lots of fun for children and adults.
Add $12.00 p/p. (If you haven’t pet, fed, or kissed Iguanas before, here is your chance.

East End Off Shore Snorkeling By Boat

It's hard to go wrong snorkeling anywhere on Roatan. That said, there are good and better places to snorkel.
Roatan Snorkeling is a world-class experience for many good reasons. For starters, the coral reef around Roatan is a barrier reef.
As such, the reef formations are majestic and offer several unique characteristics which are not common elsewhere. Barrier reefs are loosely shaped like a wall or barrier, hence the name. The wall provides two very different snorkeling experiences. On the inside (the area between the barrier wall and the shoreline)
The snorkeling experience is calm and picturesque, filled with colorful corals, turtles, and large schools of fish in sheltered waters.
Outside the barrier, the water turns deep blue the current picks up, and the snorkeling experience overlooks a coral wall which disappears into the abyss. There are larger fish outside the wall and several shipwrecks along the edge of the wall. The views are spectacular.
Add $40.00 Adult
Child 5 -11 add 30.00

Off Shore Snorkeling Combo

Off Shore Snorkeling Combo
Add $75.00 Adults
Kids 5 / 11 $55.00
2 Snkl Spots. And dolphin sightseeing
- Gear included


Safety, Excitement, Fun.
Add - $65.00 Adult
Child 2 -11 Add $ 55.00
Across the valley, above the trees and mountain top to mountain top, the longest zip Lines in all the Americas!!!
Number of zip-line: 8
Climbing wall: 0
Suspension bridges: 0
Length of zip-lines tour: 1.8 miles
Highest zip-line: 328’ feet
Longest zip-line distance: 1,836’ feet (longest in the Americas)
Approximate zip-line tour: 45 minute
Cable details: dual cable / dual pulley
Pull brakes/ gloves required: NO
You must be able to fit in the harness.
There are no scales to weigh you, but it’s more or less based on how your weight is carried. For example, an athletic 245 pound person will probably enjoy and be more comfortable in the zipline than a person with a sedentary lifestyle. But if you can fit into the harness, the zipline companies will allow you to Zip!
Ziplining can be exhausting and will involve repetitive lifting of your legs when approaching platforms, ankle and wrist pressures when landing and taking off from platforms as well as some jumping and another body stresses as you zip through the lines. Persons who are pregnant or have a history of ankle sprains, neck, back, joint or Heart problems or other serious illnesses are advised not to participate.
Participants must be physically able to hike one half mile through uneven and downhill terrain.
Ankle and wrist injuries are common so please be advised.
Going on a Zipline is very much fun, but can be a physically demanding trip!
Wear: Closed, flat shoes that have a good grip and won’t fall off. Comfortable clothing, such as shorts or jeans.
Insect repellent and sunscreen.
Make sure your camera or video has a strong strap on it.
Be aware that hats,sunglasses,wallets and other objects can fall into the jungle below!


Dune Buggy Tour.

( Bring complete extra clothes and an extra pair of shoes )
Tour Notes:
- Upon arrival at the tour operator facilities, you will be provided with the necessary safety gear, such as a helmet, goggles, and bandanas.
Your bilingual tour guide will provide a safety briefing and will explain the use of units before starting the tour.
- It's fun to explore Roatan on a car or bus, but driving your own buggy offers an extra kick that you can't get anywhere else
- Children from the age of 4 to 14 will be accompanied by their parents or with professional guides
- Teenagers from the age of 15 and up, if they have little experience, they have the opportunity to drive the buggy themselves if they so wish
- Approximately 45 - 1 Hour Buggy Tour
Add $80.00 Adults
Child 4 - 14 Add $ 55.00


Mangrove Tunnels Boat Tour

As you pass French Harbour you will move through the dense jungles and through sparsely populated local fishing villages.
When you arrive at Oak Ridge you will explore the large fishing village where all the houses are built on stilts in the water.
Oak Ridge was an important source of oak masts for pirate and merchant ships in the 1700s.
At one time the island had over 10,000 pirates!!
After a briefing on the area you will go by water taxi through the Mangrove Tunnels and see beautiful colourfully painted houses (described as the Venice of the Caribbean).
As you pass through the famous naturally occurring mangrove tunnels of Jonesville you can see local birds and animals. Approximately 45 1 Hour
- Solo Traveler $45 .00
- 2 (Two) People $ 25.00 Each
- 3 (Three) People $ 20.00 Each
- 4 (Four) People Or More $ 15.00 Each
- large groups special price
- Child Under Five Years Old, Free!