“Personal Tour”

Last week, our family hired a driver from Rony’s Tour. We did the freestyle tour and were able to do everything we wanted to do while in Honduras.
Once we left the port area, our driver, Arnold, was waiting for us and we set out to explore Roatan. Arnold was very friendly and knowledgeable.
We were able to go to Daniel Johnson’s to see animals and hold the sloth! Then we went for some lunch and shopping at local places that Arnold recommended, both were great!
We went to West Bay Beach and thoroughly enjoyed our time at the beach (it is beautiful!). Arnold showed us many beautiful views and we had many photo opportunities. He was very mindful of our time and ensured we made it back to the port in a timely manner.
We highly recommend Rony’s Tours and plan to use them again when in Roatan.


“Outstanding Day in Honduras”

We booked this private tour with Rony after reading a Trip Advisor review. We met our guide as documented in our instructions. We visited several really cool places in Honduras including the sloth sanctuary, some area resorts, shopping locations, the chocolate factory, and some nice beaches.
Our guide was local and very knowledgeable about the island. His sole mission was to make sure that we enjoyed the tour, seriously. I would do this tour again and again. He had us back in plenty of time to make it to our ship. It was just my wife and I on this tour so we went at our own pace which was perfect for us.
We told our guide what we wanted to do and see and he accommodated us. Great time! Highly recommend it!


“Fun tour”

We had a wonderful freestyle tour with Carla. We visited the monkeys and sloths, went to the West Bay beach area, stopped at a local restaurant for lunch, and visited the chocolate factory. Carla and the driver were very helpful and we would highly recommend them.


“The Perfect Cruise Stop”

Our cruise was changed last minute. Contacted Rony and he was happy to help at short notice.
Met as planned was introduced to Hector. What a gentleman. We had a couple of things I had researched to do, and hector was able to offer further suggestions.

I literally have no complaints except I think they are not charging enough, comparable service costs much more. For example other cruises paid $25 each way to the beach and we only paid a little more for the whole day!

Hector is a true asset to Rony and to Roatan

“Cruise stop in Roatan”

We cruise quite frequently but this was actually our first time to stop in Roatan. We picked a private tour with Rony’s. We debated between going to Little French Key or an island tour but since it was our first time there, we decided on a private Island Tour.
We had emailed Rony’s with a few questions before booking and we felt very comfortable booking with them.

They even called before the cruise to confirm our booking since I didn’t respond to an email from them, it had gone to my spam folder.

We met up with our tour guide, Hector, right outside the port and he escorted us to a very clean car. On our way to our first stop, Daniel Johnson’s Monkey and Sloths, he showed us different places on the island. After holding sloths at Daniel’s (highly recommended) Hector drove us around the island asking us if we wanted to stop at different places on the island.
We could have stopped anywhere we were interested. We did stop at a high overlook and we’re able to get pictures of the ship. We then proceeded to Bananarama beach where we paid $10 per person for a chair. We relaxed on the beach, had a drink or two, and then when we were ready Hector was right there, available to take us back to the ship. We wanted to stop at the cameo factory, so we went there for a quick stop and then onto the cruise port.

Overall it was a wonderful day and I would highly recommend this tour to anyone stopping in Roatan. We plan on booking with Rony the next time we are there.


“Personal service extrordinaire”

We had 5 people of the Norwegian Escape for 9 hours in Roatan. I had done some research and pretty much knew what we wanted to see. After a good half day driving through different areas as well as our guide Tia’s store, the monkey park, pristine bay hill, and the shops at the highest point on the island, we were taken to Sundowners bar in West end for one of the best drinks ever.
(wish I could remember the name of the drink but it tasted like Key Lime Pie) Then on to west bay where they dropped us at Fosters at our request so we could walk the beach and picked us up in an hour and a half at Bananarama, (Bananarama is highly overrated in my opinion and grossly expensive).They then got us back to the ship in plenty of time. Tia gave us a lot of the history and info on the Island and was very knowledgeable.
All in all a great day and at a third of the price the cruise charges.
Don’t hesitate – DO IT


A perfect day. Ronny itself didn’t die on the tour, but the Guide WE did the Tour was great aus well. We toured around the Hills and he offered Bus to Stop everywhere we Like. He drove us up to nice Houses. We saw Monkeys Lala running, we wen’ t to Mayak Chocolate and the Rum Destille next to the Lighthouse. We wen’ t for a haircut and saw Dolphins, at last we went for a sein on a free Beach. This is an amazing place.
We had so many possibilities for further stops, that one day in paradise can’t be enough. Thanks


“Great way to see Roatan”

Our family of 6 had an amazing time on the island with Rony and his tour guides. They are very helpful, have a great knowledge of the place, and know how to tailor the tour to your liking. Would love to visit again soon!


“Nice Way to see the Island”

We always book tours privately since we like getting away from the cruise ship crowds. I had read good things about Ronny’s so I decided to organize a van for our group of 11 (mixed kids and adults). Our driver and guide (Carla) were waiting for us when we arrived. Carla was very sweet and knowledgeable as was our driver (but he spoke almost no English-he practiced with us at lunch :-).
With Ronny’s you really need to have an idea of what you want to do. It is akin to a guided taxi service and not an organized tour.
Our first stop was the monkey and sloth preserve. This was a highpoint of our trip. The animals were awake and playful. We held them all and learned a lot. The kids and adults loved it. Go early. It got pretty full.

We then headed to the mangrove boat ride. Our weather was not the best (light rain) and the mangroves were lacking. There were a lot of crabs and termites. Also, the small boat was in disrepair. In hindsight, we probably would have skipped this.

Next, we went to Ronny’s (family) house for a welcome drink. It was a bit touristy but we met Ronny’s mom and she was very pleasant. A few of our group went back to the boat before the rest of us went to lunch at a local restaurant. Lunch was problematic. I think we hit it on a bad day but our food was VERY slow to come out. Ronny was there (they know the owners) and apologized profusely.
We had planned to go on the chocolate factory tour but were pressed for time because of lunch so we headed back.

For $25 plus tip pp, this is a great alternative to a taxi. It does not seem like there is a ton to do in Roatan but we had an enjoyable time. As long as you realize what this tour is, you will not be disappointed. There were some nice photo opportunities at high points of the Island.

“Rony’s Private Tour – Free Style”

My family of 4 took this tour August 2017 and had the best experience. Rony and his mom, Tia, met us at the bottom of the hill just like they promised as soon as we could get off the ship. The day was planned by myself when I booked the tour but I looked online and researched Roatan and interesting things to see and do. Tia was extremely informative of the island since she was born and raised there.
She also gave suggestions that really help a lot. We went to the monkey/sloth habit and interacted with the animals. Some in our group chose to only listen and not hold/interact and that was perfectly fine. Next, we went to the highest point on the island to take some beautiful pictures.We also visited an orphanage and learned about the children there. They were having school/class while we were there so we did not interact with the children.
We also visited Rony’s home and neighborhood and interacted with the children. My daughter kicked the soccer ball around with them and we also distributed school supplies that we had brought from home to give to several children ranging from 4 years old to 13 years. This was very eye opening and I enjoyed seeing how appreciative the children were. (This was probably the highlight of our trip!) Tia had a really good idea for lunch so that we could include a little beach time as well so we went to Gingers for lunch.
When you eat at this restaurant you may use their beach chairs and loungers for free. Lunch was excellent, I had lionfish and it was wonderful (lunch is not included/ you must pay for your lunch). As the tour was coming to an end we wanted to stop by the Mayak Chocolate Factory to see how the Mayans made chocolate and purchase some to take back home. I cannot write enough positive things to say about this tour. Tia was GREAT….and I would love to come back and spend the day with her again!

Outstanding value and Service. We have used Rony’s Tours on two separate occasions. Both experiences were fantastic. On this occasion we contacted Rony by email prior to our Cruise aboard the NCL Dawn in April 2017. We wanted a freestyle tour of the Island for the 4 of us. Correspondence with him was quick and easy. His response confirmed our request and provided instructions on where to find him outside the port gate.
We were very early getting off the ship and followed our meet up instructions. We easily found his location and they were ready for us. Our tour guide Melly is Rony’s niece. She escorted us a few streets away from the port where our private van and driver Arturo were waiting. Once in the van we discussed our desires and what we wanted to see and we headed out.

Our 1st stop was Daniel Johnson’s Monkey and Sloth Hangout. Our guide there explained that it was established as a rescue facility. We spent about an hour interacting with the animals and I have written a separate review of the experience.

From there, Melly and Arturo drove us all around the island with stops at Gumbalimba park, various high point views of the park, a great local restaurant for lunch as well as a quick visit to Rony’s house so we could say hi to his Mom (who was our tour guide during our last trip). On our way back to the ship, we stopped at Cameo Castle. Our tour lasted approximately 6 hours, and I believe we saw the entire Island.
If you are looking for a great tour of the island at a reasonable price, Rony is your man. Melly and Arturo are outstanding, knowledgeable and friendly tour guides.


“Rony’s Tours was exactly what we wanted”

We booked Rony’s tours because of the reviews on here. Rony was extremely easy to work with, and would answer any questions quickly. He was also very flexible with the fact that I didn’t know how many people would be touring with us until the day before we arrived.

We did take the port taxi’s up and over the hill (way too long and hot of a walk for my 78 yr old mother with heart issues).
This worked well, and I’m glad we did this. Our Taxi driver helped us find Rony’s rep which was Carla and the driver Arnold. We had a blast with them on our freestyle tour showing us their island from one end to the other.
We also asked them to stop for coke and we went to a nice service station where we were able to purchase some cold beverages and use the nice restrooms. Then we went to lunch at a place they recommended….didn’t get the name and had some awesome stewed conch. (It had to be special ordered, but since Carla knew the people were in!!).
We drove to some beautiful vistas, through Coxen Hole where we did a bit of shopping and onto West End Village. They had us back to the ship (dropped us off right at the cruise center) in plenty of time. We really enjoyed our time with Carla and Arnold with Rony’s tours and would recommend them to anyone looking for a very fun, relaxing tour with lots of local flavor!

“Back Again – excellent time” Went with Rony Tours again in May and had an excellent time in Roatan. We love the island very much and Rony runs a great tour company. We had a little bit if a hiccup when we arrived at the meeting point since we were looking for the driver we had last year but everything worked out. The driver was excellent and took us to where we requested. Very polite and professional in every way.


“Favorite excursion of trip – booked outside of cruise ship”

Great tour. Very personal and got to see so much more of the island than we ever could have hoped for!

“Amazing day in Roatan with Rony’s tours. Favorite port of 4 port cruise”

If you only have a day to spend in Roatan, you owe it to yourself to book a private tour with Rony’s tours. You will get so much more out of your 6-7 hours on the island with Rony’s private tour guide than with a cruise excursion AND at a reduced cost.
We absolutely loved our tour last week with Arnold.
He was so knowledgeable about Roatan and an awesome guide. He made our Roatan day the favorite day of our 4 port cruise in the Western Caribbean.
He completely customized the day to our wishes. Our boys, ages 12 and 14, loved the jungle zip lines at Gumbalimba Park (about 12 really high ziplines).
My entire family really enjoyed hugging the sloths and holding the spider monkeys. We had the chance to buy some beautiful hand made souvenirs from locals (instead of the typical shops in port). We asked to get away from the tourist crowd/ see the island and Arnold delivered. He took us to a great local restaurant for lunch and we had the chance to snorkel right off the beach area next to the restaurant. It was safe for the kids and an awesome snorkeling experience for everyone. We basically had the water and restaurant to ourselves. Roatan was definitely a 10/10 day. Thanks for Rony’s tours!!! We only paid $100 for the tour (plus tip) and $110 for the family at the Gumbalimba park (2 ziplines at 45 each and free park entrance, and 2 non zips at 10 each), $40 for beach chairs but we really didn’t need more than 1 at $10 for our stuff since we were snorkeling the entire time, and paid for lunch on our own). Worth every penny for a fabulous private day.


“Rony’s Tours was exactly what we wanted”

We booked Rony’s tours because of the reviews on here. Rony was extremely easy to work with, and would answer any questions quickly. He was also very flexible with the fact that I didn’t know how many people would be touring with us until the day before we arrived.
We did take the port taxi’s up and over the hill (way too long and hot of a walk for my 78 yr old mother with heart issues). This worked well, and I’m glad we did this. Our Taxi driver helped us find Rony’s rep which was Carla and the driver Arnold. We had a blast with them on our freestyle tour showing us their island from one end to the other.
We also asked them to stop for coke and we went to a nice service station where we were able to purchase some cold beverages and use the nice restrooms. Then we went to lunch at a place they recommended….didn’t get the name and had some awesome stewed conch. (It had to be special ordered, but since Carla knew the people were in!!).
We drove to some beautiful vistas, through Coxen Hole where we did a bit of shopping and onto West End Village. They had us back to the ship (dropped us off right at the cruise center) in plenty of time. We really enjoyed our time with Carla and Arnold with Rony’s tours and would recommend them to anyone looking for a very fun, relaxing tour with lots of local flavor!
“Would use again ,without hesitation”1


January 15, 2015

This was our 4th time in Roatan and our 3rd time using a private driver. The previous 2x we’d used another independent, and our 2nd experience was not as good as the first. So, when a couple from our ship suggested trying Rony, I was all for it. She put together a group that wanted to go to a good beach and snorkel.
Rony was our driver and he had a very nice, new van and took us to a beautiful beach club where we could rent chairs for $10 and have very nice restrooms and shower facilities.
The beach was very clean and the snorkeling was very good and not crowded. There was a beach bar with reasonable prices and good food, so we also had lunch there. It was a great experience. Rony was very personable and was always asking what we wanted to do, in order to ensure we were having a good time.

“Great Private Tour for the Day”January 12, 2015Rony’s Tours answered all my emails quickly and we decided to book the private tour for the day. Ron was our driver and met us with a clean van and cold A/C. I am handicapped and use a scooter to get around.
He provided a stool to get in the van, and did all he could to help me have a good time. We asked him to pre-arrange a meeting with an orphanage and some kids in Swampo to drop off school supplies.
It was very close to X-mas. I wish I had settled on handing out the same item instead of a variety. Kids are kids like everywhere, when they see something new come out of the bag. Then off to see some sights and down to the beach.
Half our group wanted to go to West Bay beach. He suggested Bananarama Beach which has a $10 fee since other resorts have higher fees. The other half went to Gumbalimba Park right around the corner. We were completely comfortable with Ron watching over our stuff.
He parked the van and waited the two hours as we took the tour to hold monkeys, parrots and learn about the flora and fauna. The Park is beautiful and I would go back in a minute and stay the whole day. They also have a nice beach and restaurant.
Gumbalina was pretty handicapped accessible for a 3rd world country. The trail is gravel and at a gentle slope and even an almost handicapped bathroom; it was just a bit small. Ron talked about his island and his family.
He will tailor the day to suit your needs and take good care of you while on Roatan. Rony’s Tour was a great choice for us.

“Wonderful day with Arnold”


January 12, 2015

It was a bit confusing finding out your area as Pier 7 was closed, but we had plenty of helpful individuals lead us to our guide, Arnold. Arnold took us to Gumbalina park to hold monkeys and parrots, to West Side Beach, and to an authentic local restaurant.
We always felt safe with him, and he taught us so much about his island. We felt that we got so much more out of our tour by being with him on a private tour and following his recommendations. He’s a wonderful tour guide!


“Best way to see Roatan”

January 9, 2015

We’ve been to Roatan several times now and if you plan on leaving the port area you will need a taxi. It’s much easier, and I think cheaper, to just email Rony and have him set up the day for you.
It doesn’t matter what you want to do, he will take you there.
This last time, on Christmas day, we had the privilege of having Rony’s dad, Cameron, be our guide and he was awesome. He drove us to do the things we wanted to do then waited for us at the beach.
When we got rained out he drove us around to hand out candy canes to kids. We had an amazing day. Thanks Cameron!.


“A wonderful personal experience.”

January 9, 2015

Arnold was our guide. He was funny, personable and knowledgeable. My husband has mobility issues so it was nice to drive to all parts of the island and get to know Arnold. He took us to a place where our 14 year old could zipline and play with monkeys.
It was great, he also secured us a place to park way down close to the entrance so my husband could come as well and not just wait in the car. He took us to the ‘office’ where he had some car issues (not really the car, but none of us could figure out how to get the key to turn in the new car) Arnold to the rescue! He rana couple of blocks and borrowed his sister’s car.
?? Then….if you can believe it….my son had a tremendous nosebleed. I panicked in his sister’s car. Arnold made a quick stop and grabbed a ton of napkins from a bodega. All in all it was a very nice day. Did I mention it was Christmas day??!!! I will book them again the next time I am in Roatan. ??


“Insider way to see Roatan”

December 28, 2014

Our tour guide was Cameron, a funny, friendly native of the island. Cameron drove us around different areas of the island for about an hour and a half. Along the way we got some lychees (I call them mamon chinos) on the side of the road and also baleadas (traditional Honduran burrito-like dish.) at a convenience store where we also got money from the ATM.
Then we went to a peak where there are merchants selling souvenirs and a great photo opp of the cruise boat at the dock. We had also brought notebooks for children in Rony’s neighborhood, so we dropped those off at Rony’s place and Cameron gave us homemade rum punch, which we enjoyed on the way to the next stop. We visited Maya Eden, which is a mini zoo, where we held parrots and monkeys and learned about all kinds of local creatures.
Well worth the $10 per person. Then Cameron took us to the beach and led us to an area where we could snorkel for free. The snorkeling was incredible — fish everywhere around your feet! Beware, if you are laying on the beach, there are many locals persistently selling foods, bracelets, and massages. It was rather busy when we were there. Our beach was right next to Tabyana beach (all the way at the end where the rock juts out) which the cruise line charges $60 to access, but was free to us.
Cameron was waiting for us and we asked for a recommendation for a local restaurant. He had a friend near the port who made excellent seafood. So we went to Bertie’s and had the garlic grouper, fried plantain and rice and beans. There are certain local delicacies not on the menu that you can ask for, though. This tour is best for those who would like to get the local’s perspective. It’s also customizable — they can take you pretty much anywhere!


“The Best of the Best Tours”

December 20, 2014

We had previously toured with another company and Rony’s was so much better. We selected the freestyle tour and enjoyed every minute seeing the beauty of the island but we were also saddened at the living conditions.

Rony stopped at a roadside stand for a bag of lychees (which I had requested when booking but had actually forgotten about) for us to enjoy along the way. We stopped at his house so we could cool off with a cold drink, met his mother, and handed out school supplies to the neighborhood children. Rony kept us entertained with history and stories of the island the entire day.
We went to Monkey Park (which is actually Gumbalimba Park) where we went through the butterfly exhibit, had monkeys sitting on our shoulders, parrots diving bombing us, and walked above a river on a swinging bridge. We went to a museum at the resort where Rony had worked, then to the beach for nachos and where Rony ordered us spiced mangos (also requested at booking).

We were never rushed and Rony seemed to be able to answer all of our questions with knowledge and humor. It is a humbling experience to see how the people and children of the island live. By all means take school supplies to handout to children along the way or leave them with Rony to give to his daughter’s school. They are in such need of anything you can give.



December 4, 2014

We took this tour from our cruise ship, which didn’t port until 10am. Our poor guide Anjil had been there since 730 am! We did the freestyle tour (3 of us) and it was GREAT. As our ship docked later and was leaving at 4pm, we had about a total of 4 hours to tour. Anjil took us to a few off-the-beaten-path places which was great. We did a bit of shopping, and went to the Mayan Eden park (which I also recommend for $10).
He drove around a few areas for us to see different sides of the island, and took us to a beach. We had the most amazing lunch and he got us back to our ship on time. Great tour and great value!

Laura May, U.S.A- Mississippi


Hello Rony,

I just wanted to tell you how AWESOME my tour was last week. We were there last Wednesday, May 30th with Carnival and Arnold was our guide. He was the best!

We are interested in flying out next year and staying at Fosters, which is where Arnold took us for some beach time.
We are not sure how to book flights from the USA and were wondering if you could help us when the time comes to book which would probably be at the beginning of 2013. Here’s a picture of us with Arnold and Thanks again!! Carnival Conquest, May 23, 2012.

Tammie, U.S.A. Pennsylvania


Good Morning Rony

My daughter and I had a wonderful time in Roatan. Your brother was great!!!
We really enjoyed meeting him and getting to know more about the country. He was a lot of fun and made sure my daughter and I were very well taken care of at all times. We can’t wait to come back to Roatan.
I will write a review and highly recommend Rony’s Tours on cruise critic and trip advisor.
Thanks for everything!! I attached a couple photos for your enjoyment. We had a blast.Thanks Again!!!!Finally,Tammie ARD. Carnival Liberty, May 23, 2012

Karyn Samuel, U.S.A- Florida


Hi Rony,

We had a great time.

Do you have Steve’s email? He was our driver. I would love to send him a note.

I posted a review on TripAdvisor, but it has not been published yet. I have attached just a few of the photos from our trip. My kids loved Steve’s young friend, Quinn. (Celebrity Millennium. April 4th, 2012)

Rob and Debi New Brunswick, Canada


Hi Rony,

Just wanted to tell you that we did post a positive review on Cruise Critic and Trip Advisor. .

“I found Rony’s Tours while researching Roatan online. We hadn’t booked a shore excursion from the cruise line, as there wasn’t anything that really suited us. What you were offering seemed to be what we were looking for; and we weren’t wrong.
Arnold was a friendly, knowledgeable tour guide and we really felt at ease with him right away. He took us all over the island – we were on top of the highest hills and on beaches, through little towns and even to an iguana refuge. We felt we got a good overall tour of beautiful Roatan.
We had arranged beforehand with Rony to meet some children from his hometown and we met 6 lovely children and some of their mothers; even a grandmother. We felt privileged to be able to leave them with some school supplies and other little 5 gifts. We had a nice lunch at Rony’s mother’s restaurant and again we just felt like we were among family.
Arnold made several picturesque stops so we were able to take lots of photos. He also made a stop for some souvenir shopping, where we purchased at a very reasonable price a beautiful wood salad bowl with serving dishes made by the women on Roatan. It’s a beautiful reminder of a great day. I wished we could have stayed longer.
Thanks Rony and Arnold for the best day of our cruise. Norwegian Star, March 27, 2012.

Gloria Raimondi, U.S.A – New York


Hi Rony

I am sorry about my last email. I think it didnt get emailed to you correctly. I just wanted to say as I tried in my last email that our tour with Cameron was great. We really enjoyed it. I don’t know if he would remember us but……Cameron took us to a grocery store to buy coffee and asked if I would write to you to let him know what we thought about the coffee.
Well we finally had it last night and you can tell Cameron “thank you” from us for having us buy this delicious coffee. It is really good coffee. He also took us to a school to drop off supplies for the children. I attached a picture of me with the children outside the school. I was wondering if you had a name and address where I could send them more supplies.
They were so cute I am sorry I didn’t bring more but thought maybe I could mail supplies to them. Hopefully you can help me with this. I will get onto cruise at some point and definitely recommend your tours. After our stop in Roatan we went to Belize and already recommended you to somebody that next day. Maybe someday we will be able to come back to Roatan and go on another one of your tours!!

Thank you again,

Gloria Raimondi. Crown Princess, March 27, 2012

Rick, Sabine, and Cora (Seattle, Washington)


Dear Rony,

We got off the ship in Roatan and met our friendly driver, Arno, right outside the cruise compound for a freestyle tour of the island.
He took us around in his car, made a few suggestions for stops, but we were able to stop where we wanted, get out the car whenever we wanted, and do all the things that we wanted to do without waiting around for other people to get on and off the bus.
It was great, our favorite stop on the cruise and our favorite tour.
We went to the less developed East end of the island, saw the shipwrecks, French Harbor, the Barrier Reef, then did the zipline and the monkey park, and stopped for snorkeling in a beautiful bay before heading back to the ship on the backroads.
It was fun, educational, and relaxing. Our guide was very friendly, spoke excellent English, and really went out of his way to accommodate our plans. We had a great day. (Norwegian Spirit, March 22 2012)

Deb, U.S.A – Massachusetts



we finally reviewed our pictures

I want to thank you so much for taking me to the restaurant where I was able to indulge in Iguana – it was as delicious as you said it would be

Thanks for showing us all around your beautiful island

We had an awesome time.

Here is a photo of Marcia touching an iguana at your urging

We look forward to our next trip to Roatan and spending another day with you

Deb. MSC Poesia, March 13, 2012.

James Julian, U.S.A


Rony – We had a great day in Roatan. We hope to return sometime & stay a while. I attached a picture of us having lunch. I also dropped a nice review for you on TripAdvisor.

Best wishes, Jim Julian. Carnival Legend, March 2, 2012.

Daniel and Anna Henry, U.S.A – Georgia


I would be glad to give you an A+ recommendation on both of those sites.Cruise Critic is how I learned about you. Here are a couple pics of us @ the monkey stop.

Thanks again…..Daniel & Anna Henry. Norwegian Star, Feb 14, 2012

Lori O’ Rourke, U.S.A, Massachusetts


Great time with Rony’s tours zipping at South Shore Canopy in beautiful Roatan.
Our tour was professional, safe, and an extraordinary way to learn about the island and culture from someone who actually lives there! Highly recommend using Rony for a well organized and responsible tour company. Celebrity Solstice, Feb 9, 2012

Donald and Jeannie Paxton, U.S.A Missouri (816-651-8207 cell)


Rony personalized our tour perfectly. He is very fluent, and experienced. We had selected several things we might want to do, from his website, including a visit to the children’s home. What a memorable experience.

Not wanting to visit the children empty handed, I relied on Rony’s excellent advice for bringing some groceries to the home. The grocery shopping was so much more fun than souvenir shopping, and was a big hit with the kids.

Thank you so much Rony, for the great memories and great pictures. Mariner of the Seas, Dec 7, 2011

Charlotte Andrews, U.S.A Michigan


After returning from our cruise, I am happy to say our tour with Jonathon was the highlight of the trip. It included everything I mentioned.
I especially enjoyed the information I learned from the museum, Anthony’s Key,the grocery store stop, walking on the West End beach, beer at Beaches and the wonderful meal your mother prepared.
Jonathan gave us so much information and answered all of our many questions with patience. Thank you to your whole family. Carnival Liberty, Dec 7, 2011

Katherine Armstrong, U.S Kentucky


My friends and I got off the cruise ship in Roatan and were greeted by our driver, Lonnie, as we came out of the cruise compound. We did the personal tour and Lonnie took us to the best zipline and to the West End for beach time and snorkeling.
We found a boat rental to take us out snorkeling in the West End that actually got in the water with us and took us on a little tour. We went to lunch and then came back to the West End and found that the snorkeling right off the beach was great.
It was the best port we visited and I know it was because we had such a great driver! (Norwegian Spirit, April 7, 2011)

Sharon Barker, Plano Texas


My friend and I took Rony’s private tour this past week and it was a wonderful way to visit this most beautiful island, for a VERY reasonable price.
It was just the two of our guides, Miguel, who is related to Rony and us. I think that everyone on the island is related to Rony! LOL We were able to tailor the tour to exactly what we wanted to see.
We included the Butterfly Farm (which also had birds and a few other animals) and a short trip to the orphanage. Prior to that, we went to the grocery store and bought snacks for the kids. Also, the store is a great place to buy Honduran coffee very inexpensively.
We went to the orphanage, met some of the kids who are just too cute for words. This place is anything but institutional. The kids were adorable and seemed to be truly happy and loved by the ladies working there. It’s bright, clean and cheerful.
I’ll definitely do this again next time I visit Roatan (in 7 months). We saw the homes of the very rich and the homes of the very not so rich. We ended the trip in a small authentic neighborhood restaurant (belonging to Rony’s sister or mother or aunt… I tell you everyone is related to him).
Great coconut shrimp (and they treated us to a Monkey La La….mmmmmmm good).
Unfortunately I forgot my camera on the ship and didn’t get any pictures, so I’ll have to book another tour with Rony when I’m there in December! Highly recommended! (Celebrity Eclipse, April 7 2011


Melinda, Craig, Bill, Linda, Sylvia & Henry from Jacksonville, FL

We have toured Roatan twice with Rony’s Tours, in 2009 and again in 2011, with Rony and with his guide Dennis. We communicated by email with Rony to set up our tour. We arrived by cruise ship and easily found Rony waiting for us. We had a fantastic time seeing the island’s sights and highly recommend Rony’s Tours for a wonderful time.
We are a family group of 6 and it was so special to have our own ‘personal’ tour with a great guide! Thanks again, (Carnival Legend, March 30, 2011)

Pat and Lynn C – Garden City, MI


“Had a Great time in Roatan. I would highly recommend Rony’s tours. He met us right at the exit of the Mahogany Bay. Introduced himself & our driver. In less than 5 Minutes, we we’re on our way. We spent the day doing exactly what we wanted to do.
Would not hesitate to use him again!” (Carnival Legend, March 30, 2011)

Sue Bennett, U.S Illinois


Dear Rony, I hope you don’t mind that in our conversations about our trip we now refer to you as ‘Cousin Rony’. We had an amazing vacation with many once in a lifetime experiences along the way, but looking back, I think Roatan was our best day.
Jonathan was a wonderful guide, and showed us your beautiful island. He made sure we had time for the things we wanted to do, while still showing us some amazing sites. We took loads of great pictures at the monkey stop, and some good group photos near the resort by the scuba school.
Jonathan gave us a couple of beach options, and we chose the more secluded one. He helped us get beach chairs and snorkel gear for the kids, and showed the dads where to get a beer – everyone was happy !!
I would love to get the recipe for the Monkey LaLa drink, but maybe we should leave that as a local Roatan experience!(Carnival Valor, March 30, 2011)

Terrilyn, Caitlin and Courtney. New Port Richey, U.S FL


Upon arriving earlier than planned in Roatan, I had expected our tour guides to not be there since we were early. After following the directions for locating Rony’s Tours, we easily found them waiting for us, we were introduced by Rony, to our guide for the day who just happened to be his father Cameron.
Traveling alone with my 9 year old twins, I was nervous about this excursion initially, even though I had thoroughly researched Rony’s Tours and had read all extremely positive reviews. Cameron was a wonderful tour guide, was informative and extremely helpful, and I was never worried about our safety.
Cameron took us to see the monkey’s, then on to the Mayan Jungle Canopy Zipline, and then from there to the Mayan Princess Resort to relax at the beach and the pool. He personally made sure we were well taken care of wherever we went. After we spent about 2 hours at the resort swimming and snorkeling at the beach, we made our way outside about 15 minutes earlier than planned and!

I was worried our guide would be nowhere to be seen. I was quite relieved and happy to see him waiting for us in the parking lot. We then went on a nice tour of the rest of the island as we drove back to Mahogany Bay, and we stopped off for some scenic pictures along the way, and still managed to have an hour to shop in the Port before getting back onto the cruise ship. Overall,
Roatan was our favorite stop out of our entire cruise and as a single mother traveling with 9 year old twins, feeling safe and secure the entire day gave me complete peace of mind and the ability to be able to relax and enjoy the day while knowing we were in good hands! I would definitely go back to Roatan, and would most definitely recommend Rony’s tours! (Carnival Legend, March 18 2011)

Sara ( Indiana), Judy ( Louisiana, and Amy (Texas)


Hi Rony. I just wanted to write to you about our private tour last week (Wednesday, March 9th). I cannot even begin to describe what a wonderful experience we had. Now that I have been home for a few days and have reflected on our entire trip I think I can honestly say that our day in Roatan was my absolute favorite. Michael was our guide and he was fantastic !!
He gave us a complete tour of the island, took us to the monkey place (which was a blast!!), suggested Half Moon Bay for swimming and snorkeling (incredible), babysat our stuff while we were swimming, answered one million questions, and acted as our own personal photographer. We could not have asked for more! The booking, communication, and pick up/drop off at the pier was perfect!
I found out about your company through Cruise Critic and I will certainly offer a raving review on that site as well. I am soooo glad that we found you. I would love to visit Roatan again and spend another perfect day on your beautiful island. Thanks so much for everything…and please make sure to give Michael a raise!! ??
I’m attaching one picture but please tell Michael that I will have my sister send the one that he took with us…it’s on her camera! ( Voyager of the Seas, March 9, 2011)

Randy Murdock, Fowlerville Michigan


“We found Rony’s Tours when looking for things to do at Isla Roatan. It was a one day stop on our Carnival cruise (our first cruise to celebrate our 30th anniversary), and we were looking for a less crowded activity than offered by the cruise ship. Initially impressed by Rony’s honest and down-to-earth web site, we thought we would try it, and signed up for the zip line over the monkey canopy with a trip into the park and the beach.
Everything was wonderful, plus lunch at Rony’s mother’s restaurant was simply great. That food was outstanding and reasonably priced. One of our few complaints with our Carnival cruise was you did not have a chance to meet people or get a taste of the local culture – but both were not the case with Rony’s services. It was a wonderful day, the service was outstanding and very personable, and very reasonably priced.
Our day in Roatan was the most outstanding of our four shore excursions with the cruise.(Carnival Legend, March 4th, 2011)

Michael and Sally, Michigan


Hi Rony,

We found your company on the Internet when we were looking for how to spend our day in Roatan when we arrived on the Crown Princess.
We sent you an email and were pleasantly surprised when we got a response from you in less than 2 hours. We wrote the week before we arrived to confirm and again got a very quick response.
We really felt comfortable with our choice of tours due to our Internet correspondence.
We received a follow-up email message when we returned home from our trip to be sure we were happy with our tour. It shows you really care about providing the best service.

We had a wonderful day on Roatan March 1, 2011. Our driver, Shervin, was very helpful as we toured the island. We enjoyed our chance to choose what we wanted to visit. We managed to fit in both West End and West Bay beaches, which we really enjoyed.
It was nice that we had the opportunity to meet you at our stop at Anthony’s Key. (See attached picture)

We would recommend your company without hesitation to anyone going to Roatan. Thanks again for a great day! (Crown Princess, March 1st 2011)

Linda Peterson, Missouri, USA


Our day on the beautiful island of Roatan was wonderful. Rony’s father, Cameron, was our guide. We visited many parts of the island, and he made sure that we saw the things we had selected prior to our visit. I would highly recommend this service to anyone visiting this port. We felt safe and welcomed. ( Crown Princess, March 1st (2011)

Susan, Carly, and Jenny, Eugene, OR


Thank you, Rony! We loved Roatan and had a wonderful day at West Bay! From the first email communication to the trip back to our ship, you exceeded our expectations! Cameron was so friendly and we enjoyed talking with him. We will recommend your services to our friends and if ever we are back on Roatan, we will definitely contact you!
Again, thank you so much for a wonderful experience! (Carnival Valor, Feb 16, 2011)

Lynn Sexton



Thank you for the great service on our tour of Isla Roatan. It was a pleasure to deal with you. You were quick to respond to my email questions. It was very easy to set up our tour. We loved being able to personalize the tour to our taste and ability level. There was something for everyone aged 23 to 82. The price was very reasonable.
Jonathan was knowledgeable, personable, and accommodating. He was so helpful when it came to shopping for the Orphanage. We hope to come again and next time we will stay longer. I would certainly use your services again and recommend you to everyone. (Carnival Valor, Feb 16 2011)

Dale and Candace, Canada


Rony, we loved you Island and your Island tour. We spent the day with Cameron and he showed us a great time. We had to make an emergency bathroom stop and he found us a place right away.
We made some scenic picture stops and then capped the tour off with a few hours at Westend Beach. It was very nice. We just wish we could have spent more time on the island but when you are on a cruise ship you have to go when the boat goes. LOL Thanks. (Carnival Glory, feb 10, 2011

Erin Collins, USA Messouri


“In my opinion, Rony’s tours are the best way to experience Roatan! No crowds, no schedule, and total freedom from the cruise ship tours. This winter was my second time with Rony’s Tours and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I’ve always been the one in charge of arranging the tours, and both times my traveling companions have been extremely impressed with Rony’s!
Nothing but great hospitality and a warm welcome to the island. I strongly recommend the Freestyle Tour for a first class excursion at a fair price. The worst part is leaving Rony and his crew at the end of the day!” ( Crown Princess, Feb 8, (2011) ?

Michelle and Mike Johnson, Lock Haven PA



I can’t even begin to express to you (and your entire family!!) just how much we enjoyed our day in Roatan!! Your father is such a pleasant gentleman who gave us a very informative and complete tour of the island (I’m sure he thought we should have done more things) but we just really enjoyed touring around the island!! He even took us to a grocery store so I could buy some vanilla and beer!! And the lunch we had at your mother’s restaurant?
It was fantastic!!! We had ordered ahead of time so we didn’t have to wait too long when we got there, I had ordered the fried fish…can I just say, it was by FAR the best fish I have ever had in my life!! Is there any way I can find out what seasonings your mother uses to make it and how she prepares it??? Please?!?!?!? I was expecting a piece of fish with some sort of batter and deep-fried but what I got we WAY better and would LOVE to know how to make that here at home for my husband and I.
The fresh salsa was outstanding as well and would love to have that recipe if your mother is willing to share it.

We LOVED your little island and will definitely come back…and will most assuredly look you up when we do!! You hear so many horror stories about booking excursions through independent tours but we had what was possibly one of the best experiences a person could have with your family/company!! Thanks so much for your competence, hospitality and friendliness!!! If there is a particular website other than your own where you would like us to give a review, please let me know what it is and I would be MORE than happy to do so.
Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you in the future… ( Norwegian Spirit, Feb 3rd, 2011)


Sophal and Dan, U.S.A Illinois

Thanks for providing such an awesome tour for Dan and I last week! Roatan is absolutely beautiful, and we really enjoyed lunch at your mom’s restaurant (some of the best food we’ve tasted). The beach you took us to, was also great for snorkeling. Seeing the monkeys was also very neat. We had so much fun feeding, petting and holding them!
Not only were you very insightful about your home island, but you had so many entertaining stories that had us smiling. Your tour definitely made us want to come visit again, and we can’t wait! You are a great tour guide, Rony! (Celebrity Century, Feb 2nd, 2011) ?


Barbara and Richard Blaine, Little Rock AR USA

On Jan. 27th, 2011 my husband and I toured Roatan with Arnold of Rony’s Tours. We read about this company on Cruise Critics and were very happy with our day.

We emailed Rony to set up our visit and were happy with the email communication. We decided to do the private tour where we chose exactly what we wanted to do.

We walked off the Norwegian Spirit cruise ship soon after we cleared customs and were met at the predetermined place. We had no trouble finding Arnold, our guide. It was quite a trek uphill to get to the area where he was standing, but we got there just fine.

He took us to see a few sights and then we went to see the iguanas. They were everywhere!

Our favorite stop was visiting the monkeys. They were so much fun. We enjoyed the birds too.

Arnold took us shopping and stopped at a really great Internet shop 10 cents a minute! We also stopped by Bananarama just to see the place. We then saw other parts of Roatan.

He offered to take us to a nice place for lunch, but we decided to return to the ship for a late bite to eat. We had a great visit and were happy with Arnold and Rony’s Tours. We were glad that we heard about this company on Cruise Critics and recommended them very highly. (Norwegian Spirit, Jan 27, 2011)


Emily Arielle and Tyler, U.S.A Michigan.

Hi Rony, Just wanted to thank you for the fabulous service you provide to your visitors to Roatan. I am so happy that we chose your company. Michael, our driver, was right where he said he would be when we got off the ship.
He gave us a first class tour of the island and then took us to the most beautiful and secluded beach with a Tiki bar. We were able to relax in the sun, enjoy swimming in beautiful waters and drink cold beer all afternoon. What a relaxing day!

Michael was full of great information about Roatan and very kind. Thanks again for helping to make our vacation memorable!( Jan 27, 2011, Norwegian Spirit)


Barb and Urb, U,S Florida

Hi Rony, We had a wonderful time with Arnorl, he told us about the Roatan way of life, showed us beautiful scenery, took us to see the monkeys and parrots and to West Bay Beach where we had a great meal and drinks.
I only wish we had more time to spend at Roatan and with Arnorl. We started out with a nice taxi driver and ended up with a good friend, Thanks Arnorl! ( Celebrity Equinox, Jan 20, 2011)


Dawn and Brian, Albany, NY

Had a great day with Rony Tours! We did a customized tour and got to see a lot of the island. We were on the Carnival Dream in February 2010. Lots of good photo ops. The driver will take you wherever you like.
We were trying to find a shop but didn’t know where it was. The driver was asking Rony and everyone he knew where it was; he didn’t give up until we found it! If you have a place in mind, just write down the exact name and address, this will be very helpful.
Sometimes, places are new or have moved. He took us to a nice place for lunch, just tell them what you’re in the mood for or a place you have in mind. The driver will wait for you at each stop, you won’t feel rushed. He told us about life on the island and we talked about life in the US. It was very nice to get a real feel for the island.
I would highly recommend this tour. Just walk out of the Carnival pier area down the hill and say ‘Rony’, they will have your info and you are on your way. Also, I highly recommend stopping at the wildlife place for $5, it is worth it and only takes about 15 minutes of your time. Rony’s is professional, trustworthy and very reasonably priced. You won’t be disappointed.
Rony will follow-up with you via email before and after your trip. If you don’t receive email from him, resend your email, as email service there is spotty. Don’t hang around the Carnival pier all day, it is overpriced and you will not get to experience the island.
Although, you will have plenty of time to see the pier when you get back. We spent a little time at Fat Tuesday afterwards and it was a nice end to a spectacular day. Thanks again Rony! (Carnival Dream, Feb 9, 2010)


Emily, Arielle and Tyler USA, Michigan

Hi Rony, Just wanted to let you know we had the best time in Roatan. Michael was our driver and he gave us a fabulous tour of the Island. He was right where he said he would be when we got off the ship and at the end of the tour he dropped us off right at the pier.
He was full of information regarding the island. He took us shopping, touring and to a very secluded and beautiful beach with a Tiki bar and we were able to enjoy a fabulous afternoon in the sun.
Next time we visit Roatan, we will be using your very reliable company. (Carnival Glory, December 2nd, 2010)


Jarret Christensen and Steve Nissen Alexandria, VA

I want to say again, that we had a great time on our island tour of Roatan with your dad. He was so nice and knowledgeable. What we liked most about the tour is that your dad showed us areas of how the locals live. The exceptional service that your dad provided us was great. Anytime we wanted to stop on our tour for photo opportunities, he did.
The “freestyle” tour was exactly that – it let us choose what we wanted to see plus so much more.
The sightseeing, shopping, monkey stop, and beach time at West Bay were all wonderful. In fact, we didn’t think we could do everything that we wanted to do, but your dad was great in keeping us on schedule. Again, we really enjoyed our tour and will definitely tell others about your tour company. ( Carnival Glory, December 2nd, 2010)


Colleen Martini and family

Dear Rony,

Thanks for writing because I was going to write to you as soon as we got back. We had a great time when we were there last week. First of all I would like to thank you for accommodating us in a change of vehicle. My mom has back issues and just wouldn’t be able to sit in the small vehicle with two others in the back seat for the whole tour.
I appreciate very much getting a bigger vehicle that made the tour very enjoyable for her. What can we say about Lindy? What a really nice guy! He was very friendly, told us all about the island, cultures, languages, people, food, you name it! And any other questions we had Lindy was more than happy to answer for us.
I had asked him to recommend a zip line for us because I was so unsure of which to let my son go on. The one he brought us to was a real blast for my son and after talking to other people, it sounds like it was the best one. Lindy also took us to the Iguana farm and an all around tour of the west end and east side too.
We had asked him to take us to a local restaurant for a bite so we could sample local food (we didn’t want a big chain or restaurant, we wanted authentic). He took us to Haydees which was absolutely perfect. It was just what we wanted. So as far as Lindy goes, he gets a 4 thumbs up! He was more than willing to take us anywhere we wanted to go. He was really great and we liked him very much. Nice smile, good sense of humor!

As for your tour company, we also have 4 thumbs up! You were very responsive with returning emails and providing information. Your tour is exactly as you advertise it to be. It really was a freestyle tour. I liked the fact that we could decide as we went along the places of interest that we wanted to see.
I would recommend your company to anyone looking for a very good tour for really reasonable prices!
I have only one minor negative feedback though. I wish I would have known how far a walk it was to get to your tour. You didn’t really state that in the directions. It was no problem for my husband, my son or me but it was hard on my mom walking so far up and over the hill in the heat and humidity.
She is 81 and has back issues. I would have gotten a cab for her to get there.
She was getting really winded and was getting fearful of how much farther she was going to have to walk. Other than that, we had a great time and I thank you very much! (Carnival Glory, December 2nd, 2010)

My husband, daughter and I utilized Rony’s Tours, Rony was very easy to communicate with via email and was very responsive to all questions. Arranging the tour was a snap. When the ship arrived, we were met promptly by Rony personally. Despite a change in ports due to weather conditions, Rony knew right where to find us! Rony introduced us to his cousin, Michael, our tour guide, who was a joy to be with for the day.
Michael transported us in a comfortable, clean, air-conditioned car and was very knowledgeable about the island and its history. He took us to all the places we requested and made sure we were treated well. He watched our belongings and suggested sightseeing spots along the way, which were a pleasant addition to our plans. The highlight of our trip was the snorkeling. Michael took us to a secluded spot off the beaten path that was great!
He made sure we obtained the vests and flippers we needed and waited while we enjoyed the water. When we were hungry, he suggested a nice open-air lunch spot.
Michael really made the day special for us. I cannot recommend Rony and his company enough! They clearly love their island. We will definitely be back to Roatan and will definitely use Rony’s Tours again. You will not be disappointed by your tour . . . Rony is professional and trustworthy and his company is small enough to really care about customer satisfaction. Thank you , Rony! (Carnival Glory, December 2nd, 2010)


Susann Hutt

Roatan was new port of call for us,

Having researched local tours prior to sailing, I discovered many favorable reviews for Rony’s……

He offers many choices of tours and we decided on a private tour for my sister and me ($40 each for the entire day). We only wanted to see the island, a few shops, stop at a beach and have lunch. There are many attractions available and you can pick and choose.

We arrived at our meeting point early and Rony was already waiting for us. He is such a warm, charming person, speaks excellent English and is so proud of his island. We had a wonderful tour of the island and it’s many neighborhoods. Lots of photo ops and several stops at local shops. We had several choices of beaches and chose West Bay Beach at Bananarama.

He escorted us to the beach and pointed out the various facilities. Bathrooms, dressing areas, showers, massage tables, etc. There was a quite large restaurant & bar (The Thirsty Turtle) with lots of tables and chairs on the beach. Additional lounges closer to the water. The beach and water were just beautiful.

Our waitress, Shanay, was great. We asked her for a good drink . She suggested a Monkey LaLa….it is now my most favorite drink ever! You can even find it on Google. We had the lunch special which was grilled pork with several local sides $7..excellent. and a chicken salad plate $8, also excellent and large portions. I believe the drinks were $5.

Rony checked on us periodically and was right there when we were ready to go. We had a couple photo stops on the way back to the ship and we got back about an hour prior to sailing.

We paid cash at the end of the tour. We had a lovely relaxing and inexpensive day. We learned so much about the area. The beach area at West End Half Moon Bay was beautiful also. Lots of small cabins, cottages, restaurants, dive facilities right at the beach. A lovely little village, perfect for walking or biking.

When we arrived home, we had a welcome home email from Rony, hoping that we had a good trip home and a good experience with him. Roatan is definitely on my “return list” (Carnival Glory, Dec 2nd, 2010)


Harry and Kathy Faust

Hi Rony, Our trip home was long but fine. As much as we love to travel, we love to return to our home and our family.
Thank you so much for arranging for us to have Lindy as a guide for the day. He was wonderful and we enjoyed all of the information he shared with us about Roatan.
You have a beautiful island and our visit there was a highlight of our cruise. We hope to return again because we know there is so much more to see. We were happy that we found your company on the internet and again we must say how much we enjoyed Lindy.
He took us everywhere and gave us a fabulous tour of the island. (Carnival Glory, Dec 2nd, 2010)


Bonnie and Dan Coulter

If you really want to experience the island of Roatan, take one of Rony’s Tours! We were a little hesitant to book with Rony’s since we hadn’t been to Roatan before and had heard stories of people booking with island tour operators and missing the ship .
Boy are we happy we did. Rony emailed us and told us exactly where to go when we got off the ship to meet our tour guide. We were happily greeted by Rony’s father, Cameron, (see picture) and he was our guide for the day. We did the Freestyle/On your own tour.
He let us tell him what we would like to see, how long we wanted to stay and what time we wanted to be back at the ship! We had an AWESOME day. He watched over us at every stop. Making sure we were O.K on the beach, getting correct prices at the stores, and seeing all that their beautiful island has to offer.
Rony himself even came to the beach to meet us and shake our hands. The price of this tour was about 1/3 of what the Cruise Line charges for an ALL DAY TOUR, and we designed it. Rony even followed up with us when we got home to make sure we were home safely. Talk about Excellent Customer Service.
I will be back to the beautiful island of Roatan and maybe check out Rony’s dad’s favorite fishing spot! ?? (Carnival Valor, November 3rd, 2010)


Lenora and Mickey Grackin

We had a wonderful tour with you in October when we were in Roatan on the Celebrity Solstice. Our day on Roatan was the best day of our cruise. The island was lush and beautiful and we enjoyed exploring the whole island with you. The iguana farm was very interesting and the snorkeling was the best of our whole trip.
We enjoyed getting to know you and visiting your mom’s restaurant. Thank you for such a memorable day. I am sending some pictures, including the one with you and your mom. We would love to return to Roatan some day. If we do so, I hope we can meet with you again. I am sending 10 pictures attached to this email. If you do not get them all, please let me know.
Also, if you have a facebook page, you can friend me (Lenora Grackin) and you can also look at the whole album from our trip there and take any photos you like. (October 12 2010, Celebrity Solstice)


Kevin, Kristi and Kassidy.

Thank you for making our trip to Roatan so wonderful! We had such a great time and we will never forget the day we spent there. We can’t wait to come back and visit sometime. We will definitely contact you on our next trip to your country. Thanks again for all of your help.
It was such a pleasure meeting you and Roosmarie!We’re telling all of our friends to be sure and use Rony’s Independent Tours for their visit to Roatan. (Norwegian Epic, September 7 2010)


Pam & Weldon Ballard

“We had a great time using RonY tour’s in Roatan. Francisco was our guide and he was great. We loved the Island and plan to return and will use RonY’s on our next trip.” Merced CA. Carnival Dream, Feb 9, 2011)


Hey Rony!

Thanks for the great tour that you gave Scott, me and our friends Neal and Kerri last week.
It was better than we could have imagined. Roatan was our favorite stop on the cruise. Your island is simply beautiful, and the people are so kind and friendly.
We appreciated your knowledge, professionalism, humor and willingness to answer all of our many questions.
We can’t wait until we can come back and see you again. We’ll give you some notice so that you can whip us up some iguana stew!

Thanks again!


Melanie Bruner



Thanks for a wonderful time when my wife and I visited Roatan on Friday, Dec. 4. After seeing, we can understand why you are so proud of where you come from.
The island is beautiful and the beach at Half-Moon Bay was amazing. I was able to snorkel right from the dock, and she was able to swim as much as she wanted too. The monkey stop was also great fun.

Michael, our driver, was great. He really showed us the island and took great care of us. My wife especially appreiated him stopping and letting us shop for coffee. She made a pot of Cafe de Oro this morning and loved it.

Michael and Lorie Stone

Columbia, South Carolina


Our trip back home was good (except to find snow here at home) and our cruise was great. All 3 of us agree that our tour with you was the highlight of our 7-day cruise. Thank you so much for being our guide around Roatan.
the other lady who was with us was Gwynn’s cousin who we don’t get to see very often since she lives in Texas and we live in Ohio.
His cousin has e-mailed us several times since we have been home to tell us she can’t stop talking about Roatan to all of her friends in Texas and tells them they must get to Roatan before the island changes any more.

Please know that of all the tour guides we have ever had on all of the islands we’ve ever visited on a cruise, you ae the best we have ever had. You are a very special person. You have the personality, the professional quality and the humor to make anyone who uses you as a tour guide a great day.

I have recommended you several times on Cruise Critic and will continue to recommend you on the cruise website to anyone looking for a guide for Roatan.

Gwynn and I both hope to get back to Roatan within the next year or two and will be sure to contact you again as a guide.

Keep up the great work you do and keep that great sense of humor you have. You have it all together to build a great tour company, Rony, and I am so happy that we have met you.



Hi Rony! We had a nice trip back, no problems. However we were not happy leaving the warm weather!

We wanted to let you know that Roatan was our favorite port during the cruise. Michael was such a great tour guide! We learned so much about your country and saw so many interesting things. We especially appreciated Michael showing us Half Moon Bay even though it wasn’t on the agenda.
The restaurant was so delicious and we loved the snorkeling. What a beautiful place!

Sara and Dave Wollgast ??



Thanks so much for your welcome home email. We arrived safely back home to Wisconsin late Saturday night. I want to thank you and Felix again for the wonderful day we spent on your island. Felix took such great care of us, he made our visit truly memorable!

We wished that we could have stayed longer since the Carnival Dream never pulled out of port until Wednesday morning. We will definitely be back, Roatan is very beautiful and Felix was wonderful host.
I will post my review of our cruise on in the next few days, and will highly recommend your touring company to everyone. If you want to read my review my name on Cruise Critic is Suzieqk.

If you and your family or Felix and his family ever visit the US and find yourselves in Wisconsin, we would be honored to show you our state and how we live.

Thank you again for your hospitality, we learned a lot about your beautiful country.

Jim and Sue Kurovsky


Rony’s tours, a day in paradise

My wife and I, plus another couple, off the Carnival Valor had read about Rony’s tours, and decided to go with him the day we were on Roatan.
We’re glad we did. Rony meet us just outside the gates of the Carnival dock, as his instructions directed. We found him to be very polite, humorous, and very knowledgeable about Roatan.
We had done a lot of reading about all of the ports we would be stopping, so had some ideas of where we wanted to go. We started the day off zip lining at South Shore . Quite exhilarating!
We can’t compare to the other zip lines companies, but the views were great and we felt very safe.

Next we wanted to do some off shore snorkeling and Rony suggested we try West Bay Beach at BananaRama area. He lead us to the beach area that had a few small boats that rent out by the hour.
We negotiated with one of the operators for the four of us ( he started at $25 pp for the hour, we ended up with $16 pp for the hour, plus tip). This ended up being the best of the snorkeling we had done on any of the other two ports (Grand Cayman & Belize), we snorkeled.
The guide took us out to the local snorkel area, about five minutes away, toward an opening in the reef, marked by a bouy. We found large numbers of fish, and a then a vertical wall of about 20 foot, with clear visibility to the bottom. It was fantastic!

Afterwards, we showered off at the beach shower, Rony then asked if we wanted to eat there, but we wanted to try something less “touristy” and more ‘local’. Rony asked if we wanted to try his sister’s restaurant. We weren’t sure want to expect, but this turned out to be one of the highlights of our week.
His sister was in Canada that week, so the restaurant, ‘Taste of Paradise’, was being managed by his mom. This was a great experience. I had conch, first time for me, and it was great, and very inexpensive (about $8). We talked with his mom for a while and got great insights from her perspective, to the life on the island.
We only wish we had more time to spend, but we were only in port for seven hours and needed to get back to the ship. A very good day in paradise! If anyone has questions, you can e-mail me, Cal, at:

We just returned from a cruise a couple of weeks ago. Roatan was the stop we were least excited about. I do NOT like to participate in the ship excursions because of the large group experience.
My young family wanted to do a zip line, and ride horses on the beach. We heard about Rony through a message board, and decided to take a personalized tour from him. For a very reasonable rate, Rony drove us wherever we wanted to go.
We were able to see much more of the island than we would have through a canned tour. His commentary was enlightening. I highly recommend taking a tour from Rony. I was a little leery of booking with somebody I had never met, but after a few minutes Rony will not be a stranger.

Brad Laures


Lisbon Community School District



Hello Rony:

It’s hard to believe that a week has already gone by since we visited your beautiful island!
Tony was a fantastic tour guide! Thank you and Tony very much for a wonderful tour. Our family enjoyed each and every stop we made. We all enjoyed the monkeys, one of the highlights and many good jokes to be made when one crawled inside of my shirt!

The beach was also beautiful. Our son’s enjoyed snorkling and finding the different sea life they saw. My wife also enjoyed the massage she received from Cynthia. I wish our cruise stayed in your island longer because it would have been nice to explore a little more.

I have attached some pictures from our trip and will definitely leave a good word on the Cruise Critic website regarding your tours!

Thanks again and hope to visit your beautiful island again some day in the future.

Ken, Deb, Kenny, Scott, Mom and George


Nov 24, 09

Hello Rony:

Trip home was OK – spent a couple of days visiting friends in Florida before driving back to North Carolina.

Thank you for a wonderful day – we really enjoyed seeing your home Country of Roatan and definitely want to go back (hopefully for longer than 5 hours).

Now we have to get back to the real World!

We wish you well for your future and, who knows, we may see you again…………when you are Mayor of Roatan!!

When I get a chance, and time, to get on the various web sites, I will be sure to recommend your business.

Good luck and best wishes,

Harold & Linda

Nov 20, 09


Dear Rony,

We can not even begin to express how thankful we were to have met our guide, Francisco, on our recent trip to Roatan.
The island is more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. Francisco was polite, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to make our visit special.
My fiance’ and I were able to do all that we wanted- and much more. Because of our private tour of the island with Francisco, we felt like we were royalty.
He introduced us to many local people, including some business owners. He also made sure that we received excellent treatment at every location, and even gave us personalized tours of all of the areas we wanted to visit.
We were able to visit the iguana farm, where Francisco escorted us to meet the monkey, Paco. He also took pictures of us all day at several spots, including in front of Fantasy Island.
As he drove us around, he explained the rich history of the island and of the mainland Honduras. We had an unforgettable trip to a local school, where we interacted with 5th and 6th grade students.
We learned about your leaders and the even the flag. We were able to buy fresh mango in the local market, walk along secluded beaches, glimpse the dolphin show, see amazing overlooks, shop, and we even touched some sleeping grass.
Francisco made the island feel like home, and we are both absolutely in love with Roatan. He made special arrangements for us to zipline, which was an added treat. We also received incredible service from our guides, Frank and Tyron, at South Shore.
Please share this review with Francisco, and tell him that we had an amazing time and after our day together, we consider him family! We both would love to hear from him so feel free to pass on our email address. Anyhow,
I am so glad we took a personal tour with your company and would be more than happy to share our experience with anyone looking for a reference!

Becky Smith and Ben Ross


Wyandotte, Michigan

We just had a tour with Rony on July 31st 2009. There were 4 adults and 2 children. We all enjoyed our tour very much. Rony was very friendly and informative. He built a tour on what we wanted and suggested things along the way. It was just the tour we wanted. We are very pleased we had the chance to tour the island with Rony. We would recommend him to everyone.

Thanks, Tonya


Rony, thanks much for a wonderful tour of Roatan.
The references on Cruise Critic that lead us to you all proved true and we appreciate the great service and will definitely call on you again next time in Roatan.
After the cruise we asked our group of 12 what was their favorite stop and they said Roatan, no doubt because of the ease of getting around and doing fun things with your help as well as the many great things Roatan as to offer.
I hope more cruise ships make Roatan a stop (and that we have more time on island too!) so that this nice place can be shared with others,
and I hope that it is done in such a way as to preserve and improve upon its beauty, support a healthy community there, and assure the sustainability of its environment in the process.

Wishing you all the best,

Joe Stagner

El Dorado Hills, CA, USA

Date of Visit: July 29, 2009 ”


In Roatan we arranged for a private guide with Rony’s Independent Tours:

Rony used to work on a cruiseship — his English is perfect; he is charming, flexible, knowledgeable; and put together an inexpensive, perfect day for us. We really felt like we’d had a good taste of th is wonderful is land.
Be sure to visit West Bay (his website offers a l is t of options to choose from to put together your personalized tour).
West Bay reminds me of what I imagine the Florida Keys were like 50 years ago — simple, beautiful, dirt roads, cool bars and restaurants — a lot of fun. Even a Tiki Bar built on a catamaran that floats in the bay.
The craft shop there had nicer things and better prices than any of the others we stopped at. We also visited the orphanage on the island (we brought some little toys for all the kids). I’d skip the monkey place — kind of sad, aggressive monkeys in a cage you can walk into.
Wanted to see the cameo factory but it was closed — saw some stuff made there — really interesting and impressive! Had a great lunch at a place right on the water … it was the only port of call that left me thinking that we would like to go back and spend a week!
Rony is very responsive by email and was waiting right where he said he would be — compare his prices to a Carnival excursion…. can’t beat it! And — you get to spend the day with someone who grew up on Roatan, and knows lots of cool spots and history.



Rony contacted me immediately after I sent a request via the website, he answered all my questions and was very accommodating for my request for our upcoming trip to Roatan.
I would recommend him to be your guide while visiting Roatan.  We are looking forward to our trip to Roatan in September and we know it is going to be a great trip because wonderful service from Rony’s tours.

April Baggett


We just came back from Roatan on the Voyager.
Several groups on our cruise critic group were booking tours with Victor Bodden but the tour descriptions seemed pre determined. I contacted Rony Bennett of Rony’s tour after reading posts here and viewing his web site.
The website had a lot of information about the island, Rony’s biography, suggested tours and places of interest. Rony grew up on Roatan and worked 4 years on Celebrity Ships.
He was noticed by the cruise director for his easy interaction with the guests and was promoted to the Activities staff.

I emailed Rony, got prompt replies and explained that not only did we not know whether we would be 2 or 4 people, but that I we wanted to wait till we got there to decide what interested us. “No problem” was the reply.

Rony was there to meet us at the pier, (even though we slept in and didn’t get to the pier until 10.30), we discussed our options and included, shopping (wife’s suggestion),
East End villages (my suggestion), great seafood lunch (everyone’s idea) and ending at a quiet picture perfect beach. Rony turned out to be a great guide, took us to shops that were clean, and staffed by very friendly clerks and had high quality well priced gifts.
The island is beautiful, we had several great picture stops, and best of all we never ran into crowds. The east end is undiscovered and somewhat primitive but you get to see what Roatan is like for the locals before the condo’s arrive in a few years. My suggestion for lunch in Oakridge turned out to be a dud.
but Rony saved the day with a great restaurant in West Bay. We ended the day with an hour or so swim at a beautiful beach. Rony was always available, absolutely trustworthy, very personable, funny, and everyone on the island seemed to greet him by name. Be sure to ask him about the pet iguana ‘Speedy’.

Our friends on the other tours enjoyed their time but were jealous when we described the personal attention we received and the flexibility of Rony to accommodate our interests as the day progressed.

Mike Sparks


We spent an excellent day with Michael on February 23rd. His command of English was excellent and he was willing to tell us all about Honduras and Roatan and answered our many questions. I have posted in a couple of threads on the Cruise Critic web site.
Here are some of the photos that we took. We enjoyed our lunch at Bertie’s.

Michael was terrific and we are glad that we booked your tour and will recommend it to anyone.

John and Brenda Grady

Merrimack, New Hampshire


Feb 23, 09


We just returned form a cruise on Feb.22 – March 1 on the Norwegian Pearl.

After reading all the reviews here I decided to book a tour in Roatan with Rony. For some reason Victor Bodden did not appeal to me, maybe because I did not want to go his house and play with monkeys!

It turned out to be a great choice. Rony is a wonderful, pleasant and knowledgeable guide. After emailing him, I was surprised to receive a phone call from him from the Honduras to confirm our tour. Then on the arranged day and time he was waiting for us at the pier and the 4 of us began our tour in a nice clean car with A/C.

He accommodated all our wishes and suggestions and we all had a delicious lunch at Half Moon Cabins overlooking the sea.

We went to a local school to distribute some pens and Rony told us that this was the school he had attended so it held special memories for him.

I had emailed him about going to the Mayan Princess Resort at the end of the day and when we got there we found out that he had pre-booked us for entry into the resort. It began to rain unfortunately, but no problem – Rony opened the trunk and took out several large umbrellas! We never got wet!

All the while Rony told us some funny stories – ask him about his nickname in school and above all you must hear the story about how he “accidently” ate his friend’s pet iguana for dinner!!

Rony has already emailed us to say hi and to find out how our trip home was. We all highly recommend spending the day in Roatan with this terrific guide and we hope to see him again should a future cruise bring us back to Roatan.




I just wanted to say again how much we appreciated everything you did for my family and I on our recent visit to Roatan (March 2009).
Our visit to your beautiful island was one of the highlights of our week of cruising.  Your friendly approach and attitude, along with your knowledge and connections certainly made us feel like we were in good hands.

My two teenage daughters, wife and I continue to talk about our Zipline adventure (Mayan Jungle) and the hours we spent on the ‘postcard-like’ beach at West Bay.  I’ve enclosed a few of our favourite photos.

Hiring your services for the day, for the reasonable rates that you charge, takes away a lot of the uncertainty and worry.
Having you along as our ‘minder’, allowed us to do things at the Zipline and at the beach, as a family while you were watching our personal belongings.  Saves me paying to bring my mother-in-law to watch the stuff!

We look forward to visiting you again on our next visit to Roatan and plan to see more Canadians coming to see you based on how much my wife is raving about you and Roatan.

Thanks Rony,

Mark Wallis

Milton, Canada